3 Dream Houses

 It's no secret that Marcus and I like to move. We like change and we like a house fixing project. So we are looking at houses all the time, and dreaming. And waiting for a box of money on our front porch!

We love to drive around neighborhoods, look at houses, and pick ones out that we would want. You know, if money weren't an option. Or if someone decided to pay firemen as much as baseball players!

There are 3 houses for sale right now that I have dreamed about for years! They are all on the market at the same time. If I win the lottery, I would have a really tough decision on my hands. 

Here are the lovelies:
 (these are all pictures I copied from MLS, so they are teensie)

This one is on a court with 4 other Victorian houses. They all look like Doll houses.

This one is on a big lot and has a GIANT pool:

And this one is a fancy doll house with a pool too. AND a tennis court. Hello! I think we might need a tennis court, right? 

These are all way out of our price range, but it's fun to dream! In my head, I've already decorated them and put Christmas lights on the outside. They would all be cute at Christmas, don't you think? 

I am still happy and content and thankful for my little yellow house! And if I don't get one of these fun houses on Earth, I know I will get a mansion in Heaven. Mine will be the pink one next to Marcus's brown one! You can stop by for a coke. In Heaven Coke makes you skinny and beautiful. I'm pretty sure...


Brooke said...

I will def stop by for a coke! :)

TressaMOMof3 said...

You are so cute!! I love reading your blog!

The Andlers said...

have you talked before about the selling process for you guys? we are just starting the process and have lots of questions.

BoyMom said...

I'm here to help! Since you love projects, I'm willing to send you our address over in Flower Mound and y'all can come spruce up the place to your heart's content! :) Deal?

Unknown said...

Dina , I totally could see you in any of those homes and making them super cute as you always do. I've passed that middle one a lot of times after church. :) I love your little yellow house though. It's always so welcoming when I come over.

Miss G said...

I vote for the first one! soo cute!! I would love to stop by for a Coke in Heaven! Love the way you think/write! Kelly