A Procrastinating Night Owl

 I want to blog about my beach trip, but there are too many pictures. I don't have the energy! 
I am tired every night and plan to go to bed early, but then I am too tired to go get ready for bed. SO I stay up until WAY too late, because I am procrastinating washing my face and brushing my teeth! Is that ridiculous or what?

It feels logical when you're in the moment though. I hope I'm not alone! I am thinking I still need parental supervision.

Here are some random pics from my phone instead.
Katie and I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday to do some window shopping. Look at this fun Christmas stuff. These lollipops would be super cute in my kitchen!

 And Katie got her hair cut by Ms. Julie before our trip. 
It was getting long and unruly. Julie had to cut Katie's hair when she was 4 months old! She was born with a wig on her head!

And one day when we were at Target, Starbucks was passing out tiny little cups of some kind of raspberry drink. It was pink, in a baby cup with whip cream on top, so Katie thought it was awesome! 
There was no caffeine included in this pink drink. I'm no dummy!

So that was some randomness and it was easier than blogging about a week at the beach! And it's already past midnight, so I guess going to bed early is out of the question...again.


Audrey said...

I'm the same way about procrastinating at bed time!! Washing my make up is dreaded every night!! Haha. Not enough to just go without it during the day tho! ;)

Sherrie said...

As I said before I think we are related somehow someway. I laughed so hard because I have the same debate with myself....keeps me delayed from going to bed. Makeup and teeth, and since you are honest about it I will be too. I always brush my teeth but do not always wash my makeup off. Oops, I have admitted it in black and white!!!

First grade starts for my son on the 26th. I am dreading it with a big "D" because I will have to get up at 6:30 or so even if I go to bed at 1:00 am. I have promised myself to start hitting the gym when I take him to school....oh I don't know how this will work out because I am usually still sleeping at 8:00 am. I will get him to school on time the rest remains to be.....

Miss G said...

This is SOOO me AND I married a night owl too so we are hopeless! Kelly