Don't Cry and You Will Get Some m&m's!

 Today was Meet the Teacher day for Katie's Mother's Day Out program at our church. 
If Katie even thinks that I am about to drop her off somewhere and leave, she gets a teensie bit of anxiety. 
And I am being kind. 

I think her dream come true would be for me to carry her in a baby Bjorn all day! 
This is why MDO is so important for her. I am all about bonding and quality time, but I don't want her to be afraid to be away from me. After Christmas last year, she loved school. I saw her grow and mature and gain lots of confidence...apart from me! I want her peace and comfort and strength to come from God, not mommy and daddy. I know that can't happen now, but I am trying to teach that now.  
 Anyway, 3 months of summer and Katie forgot how much she loved school! So it will take a while to warm up again. So today we met the teachers and I did bribe her with m&m's. 
No tears and saying Hi is all she had to do!  
She did it! 
 I am sure dietitians and child psychologists  everywhere are scolding me. Sorry.

I have just found that having her focus on something exciting instead of the fear, usually helps!
Katie was really proud of herself. I was super proud of her too. And her new teachers could not have been more sweet. 

I think it will be a great year! And starting next Thursday I might have a chance at getting to the bottom of my laundry pile!

Don't get me wrong, I long for alone time, but I will miss her just as much as she misses me!


Giggles said...

Love her shirt!! I bet she will warm up to school a lot quicker this time once she sees her friends.

Jennifer said...

I was reading really fast and where you wrote that you were going to get to your laundry pile, I thought it said you were going to get to a piece of pie. I then reread and decided to liked the pie option much better than pile

jen said...

I so agree with you! My William would love the Baby Bjorn too! (At 30 lbs! Ha) we start MDO in a few weeks!

Dixie said...

I think it is completely fine with a little bribe! Then being able to congratulate her after the fact for being so brave. You are an awesome mom and don't let anyone tell ya different!

Unknown said...

Sometimes bribing is vital! Glad she did ok!