Home Sweet Home

This is a little flower bed on the right of my garage door.
  Our garage is on the side of our house.
I wanted to make it cute, because that's what we see every time we come home.

 And I wanted to get a better angle, but my neighbor was out watering and I felt silly taking a picture. He most likely is not familiar with blogging. So I sneakily snapped a picture and probably looked crazy doing it.

When we pull in the garage Katie always says, "Home Sweet Home". 
So I got this sign earlier this year from JoniKeith Co. They are in Lubbock, but have a website and Facebook page you can order from.
Marcus planted those knock out roses last year and they really have taken off. You can barely see my turquoise cross buried in there.

 My next idea for this area is to pull out those little stumps and make a border with old plates.
I will be checking for neighbors before I take any pictures of that project. I am sure they will want to put me in the loony bin anyway for putting plates in my flower bed! 


Thomas and Jamie said...

I know that company! They do ALL SORTS of cute signs at a local craft fair we have in July and October in my hometown! I oogle them EVERY year, but haven't actually bought one yet. On another note...I'm looking for some cool spray paint, but was wondering where you get yours. I can't seem to find any good colors!

Mallorie said...

You crack me up. I love it! :-) Going to check out that company now. You know I love anything from Texas!

Mallorie said...

Oh and Emma Claire has just now started to say "hoooome" when we are headed home or arrive home after being out. It's adorable. And it sounds like "ooooommmm" that you say when you're meditating ;-) Hilarious.

Brittany said...

Lowes & Home Depot normally have a good selection. Walmart has it too just don't buy cheap spray paint! JoAnns has it too but use a coupon bc there's Is a little pricey.

Sarah said...

My mom had her flower beds lined with old plates. It was precious!

Miss G said...

I'm thrilled that you're going to do old plates! Where are you going to get them? Kelly