Little Piggies

 I got Katie her first pair of flip flops. 
They were $2 at Old Navy and it's the best money I have ever spent! She is crazy about them! 
 She tried them on and said, "Do I look adorable?" 
Yes, yes you do!

I felt like she needed some for our beach trip!
I have been afraid to get her flip flops, because Grace is NOT her middle name! 
I love the girl, but she could trip over air.
 The new flops called for some painted toes! 

I use Piggy Paint, because it's all natural. I got mine online here, but I think they even sell it at Walmart now.
Nail Polish

 I recently got some polish I love too. 
 It was just $1.99 at Walmart. 
( you would think Walmart was paying me? They can if they want to!)
It's called mint green. 
I got this image from Google. 

I just like it on my toes and not so much on my fingers. 
And the color goes with lots of stuff. I feel like the polish stays on great, especially considering how cheap it is! 

I would have taken a picture of my feet too, but they aren't as cute as Katie's!

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Staci said...

Precious toes! And that green is fab. I'm sporting black right now. Wishing it was October!