The Cat's Out of The Bag

Katie announced in school, during music, that her mommy has a baby in her belly!
She's right, I do! 

This is when she announced it to our family. 
It was Marcus's birthday, September 1st. 
We were about to sing and she said, "I'm gonna be a big sister!"
They weren't sure if they should take her seriously or not.
One time she announced the same thing in Sam's and it wasn't true at the time! Maybe she's just a prophet?!

Anyway, we are thrilled, and shocked, and optimistic!
I am 10 weeks along. And due to 2 miscarriages in the past, I have been to the doctor a lot!
We have seen a strong heartbeat and our next sonogram is on Tuesday.

I am BEYOND exhausted! 
 That is why I have barely been blogging. Sometimes sitting at the computer at typing sounds equivalent to climbing a mountain! I have been taking progesterone and I think that's the cause of the extra tiredness...that and I am 38 1/2 and pregnant! Holy Cow!

It's funny, before we were married, Marcus and I agreed that we wanted to be "young" parents! I even said "I will not have a baby after 31! That's my cut off!" 
God had different plans, and I think they are better! 

We would appreciate any prayers for a healthy baby!



It finally got a little cool!
We were able to go outside without our faces melting off! 
We brought dinner to the park tonight, then played.

And on the way home we had the windows down.
This is pure joy right here! 

The temps are going to creep back up this week, but we will take whatever we can get. 
And Marcus brought the fall stuff down from the attic, so I guess it's going to look fallish here one way or another!

I can't thank you all enough for your input on paint colors! It was SO helpful. And 2 girls told me about www.favoritepaintcolorsblog.com.
Uh, this is amazing! It's so nice to see the colors on the walls and not just on a little square!

I got some samples today and hope to be painting soon!
And FYI, during the Sherwin Williams sale, the one quart samples are just about $4. That is SUPER cheap. So if you need to paint some furniture, go get you some! The sale ends Monday.


Paint Help Please!

Color Gallery offers you access to Benjamin Moore's complete catalog of more than 3,400 beautiful paint colors. 

First of all, I want to share that Sherwin Williams is having a 40% off sale this weekend! 
That's a big chunk of savings!

So I thought it would be smart to go and buy some paint! 
 I have been looking for a neutral paint and can't find one that looks good. That's where you come in! I would love some advice. 

Here's what I need:

Something more in the brown family than the gray family. It just goes better with my stuff, even though I really love gray.
 I want it SUPER light and bright. I feel like my house is too dark. And you know I love color, I love it like I love Coke...that's a lot! But I feel like all my stuff is so colorful, that having light neutral walls would be OK. (Except for that I just painted a wall turquoise yesterday! Part of me loves it and the other part is scared of it!) 

So I need advice before I waste time painting walls the wrong ugly color! 
(and it doesn't have to be a S.W. color. They can color match anything!)



A Crying Jessie Donut Eating Silly Face Maker

 I've had a migraine the last few days, and sadly I had to miss church on Sunday. 
While I was at home I got an email with several pics of Katie enjoying a donut and some princess bubbles! It was from our Children's minister, Lisa.

Apparently, Katie's Sunday School teacher was gone, and that did not sit well with her! She lost it, and Lisa took care of her!

 It's not the first time. Katie has been known to be a little high maintenance in the nursery. And they always take such good care of her. I appreciate them so much!
Well today, Katie got a surprise in the mail from Ms. Lisa!

A Jessie costume!
Isn't it so cute? We think so. 
Katie kept saying "it is so cute" over and over and over!
 She wanted to test it out with her cowgirl hat too!
She asked to sleep in it, but I convinced her that was probably not a good idea. It's laid out right by her bed, so she can put it on first thing in the morning.

Lisa is the sweetest! She is super talented too. She's been sewing children's clothes and costumes for years. Her website is here. 

So since I had a migraine this weekend, Katie and I had to get a Slurpee. 
It was for medicinal purposes only! They really do help!
And we didn't have donut Friday, but donut Saturday. It's OK to switch things up a little! 

And today was picture day at school, so Katie wore the cute outfit her Aunt Sisi made her! 
Do you ever order pics from school? We haven't yet. I'm sure it will have a wagon wheel or something cheesetastic in the background. 
 I wonder if she made this face for the photographer? 

If you ever see a picture of me from age 4 to 7, I will have my tongue sticking out and my eyes crossed! So this is hereditary. At least I won't ever have to tell Katie that shes "wasting film!"


A Ball Playing Princess

 Today was blue day at school! 
Katie kept insisting it was PINK day. 
Since I'm the one that knows how to read the school calendar, she wore blue!

 She told me that they got to eat blueberry muffins, so that's pretty exciting. 

Also, I got this cabinet organized today. Pretty exciting too, right?
It only got done, because my mom helped me. She's type A and LOVES to organize. I'm type Z. I don't know if that is really a type, but I am opposite of A.
 If you come to my house it would look clean. (if I knew you were coming over ,that is) BUT my closets and cabinets are a disaster. I'm a shover. I shove stuff in spots when I'm trying to clean up in a hurry. I don't have time to put stuff back where it belongs!

So eventually I am going to go through each room, closet, and cabinet, and make sure they are organized...with the help of my mom! 

  After school, Katie wanted to have a tea party.
I think she drank 3 tea pots full of water!
She's pretty fancy!

 And then after the princess tea party, she played some T-ball with her daddy! 
I'm glad she's so well rounded. 
She's a little bit of mommy and a little bit of daddy. She's also a little bit of her Nonni.  She puts all her toys back where they belong, and she wouldn't dare let me just throw a stray lego in her closet! I've tried several times, and it gets put away properly...by the 3 year old!

Hopefully she'll just inherit all of the good stuff from us, and none of the crazy!


Chicken and A Parade!

 Today we met one of Katie's friends for lunch. 
 Gunner and Katie met when they just turned one at Mother's Day Out. They bonded pretty instantly. And he was always a great comfort for Katie, who is sometimes a chicken baby at school. When we took Katie's pacifier away (before she was 2), she was calling out for Gunner in the middle of the night!

 Well he started a new school this year. His mom said he was in utter shock that Katie Belle wasn't there on his first day. So we met for lunch so they could continue their friendship.

They took it upon themselves to eat at their own table!
 They played so great together today. We will have to do it again soon! 

Tonight we went to a parade! 
One of the nearby high schools is having their homecoming this week. 
It's too early and too hot for homecoming, if you ask me, but nobody did.

At first Katie was a little disappointed that they were trying to pass cars off as floats. I think she was expecting a Disney type of parade that we've seen on tv. Sorry Charlie!

But this was her face when she realized they were throwing candy! 
She was on board with that!
She loved it and we had lots of fun...free fun!


So Far...

 The weekend, so far, has been good. We started it off with cinnamon crumble muffins. They made the whole house smell yummy.

Then last night we went to a high school football game! 
We had to stop for burgers first though! 
Before our food came, Katie said, 
"it's gonna be soaking yummy!" 
She's heard me say "soaking wet" before and she took it to mean really. Which I guess, she's right.
So she says things like, I'm soaking freezing or I'm soaking hungry!
I've tried to explain, but it hasn't registered yet!
(And I'm really hoping nobody mistakes for a REALLY bad word )

We were excited to see my friend, Catherine, there! And Katie was excited to have Cason there to entertain her! 

Today was swimming, me ignoring the messy house, and then car washing time!
Katie thought her car needed to be washed too!

And the hot dogs:

I might have mentioned a time or 20 that's it's still pretty darn hot! Katie keeps asking me if we can please play in the snow! It sounds good to me. I would like to lay down in the snow, face first, in my birthday suit!

I hope you're having a soaking good weekend too!


Bring It On

It's after Labor Day, which is the "official" end of summer. So now I am ready for some Fall! 
 I would just settle for weather not in the 100 degree range! 

I got a fallish scent at Bath and Body Works to encourage the season to come a little quicker. I picked Farmstand Apple, because it seemed a little bit more appropriate then pumpkin something. ONLY because it's still 100 degrees though. If you have pumpkin something burning at your house, more power to you!
I got some mason jar candles and some hand soap.
I love them! They are crisp and clean and a perfect transition from summer to fall. COME ON FALL!
Fresh Picked Farm Stand Apple Gentle Foaming Hand Soap - Anti-Bacterial - Bath & Body Works 
I love these foaming hand soaps. They make it easy for Katie to wash her hands. Sometimes the other stuff is hard to rinse off. Especially if you have the patience of a 3 year old. 

Here are some other pumpkin, fall, autumn, cooler pics to give me hope that another season is coming! 



 I am determined to stick Katie in that same pumpkin bin in 2013 too!

Marcus will be crawling in the attic to pull out my fall bins before he knows it! 
I am sure he can't wait!


The Long Fun Weekend

 Did you have a good long weekend? We did.
 Usually holiday weekends don't apply to us, because Marcus is a fireman. And fires and emergencies don't take the day off. BUT Marcus's birthday was on Sunday, so he took a vacation day. And really he didn't do it because of his birthday, but because it was the opening day of dove season.

Who cares about all that. He was off for 5 days in a row!  
He works 24 on 48 off, so when you take one day  off, you get 5 days off. Make sense?

Friday we went to the big mall.  
Katie got to ride the train with her daddy. It was her reward for being so brave on the first day of school!
 And sadly, it was the last Friday Night Fireworks of the year!
 I told Katie soon we will be looking at Christmas lights instead of fireworks! Oh I can't wait!

Sunday was Marcus's 38th Birthday! 

 Our families came over after church for a birthday lunch.

Marcus asked for a tent and some cots for his birthday, because he wants to start taking Katie camping. So I went with a little camping theme when I decorated. I didn't get all pinteresty, because decorations are not Marcus's love language like they are mine.

 He was all ready in his hunting gear to leave after lunch. I didn't mind, because he matched my theme! 
AND he cooked his own birthday lunch. He wanted BBQ and nobody makes it as good as he does!
The family:
 Katie tried a SPICY rib:
We sang happy birthday! And that's a birthday cobbler if you are wondering!
 We could not be more opposite!

 Marcus with his parents:
 And his siblings:
I forgot to get a picture with Marcus and his wife! 
I was there, promise!

Yesterday we went to Dutch's for a hamburger...the best hamburger!
 And at the last minute we decided to ride the little train in Fort Worth. It had been raining, so we didn't think it would be open. It cleared up and it was pretty cool for our ride.
Now it's back to 105 degrees, back to school and back to work! Booo! (except for the school part, that's kind of nice)