Bring It On

It's after Labor Day, which is the "official" end of summer. So now I am ready for some Fall! 
 I would just settle for weather not in the 100 degree range! 

I got a fallish scent at Bath and Body Works to encourage the season to come a little quicker. I picked Farmstand Apple, because it seemed a little bit more appropriate then pumpkin something. ONLY because it's still 100 degrees though. If you have pumpkin something burning at your house, more power to you!
I got some mason jar candles and some hand soap.
I love them! They are crisp and clean and a perfect transition from summer to fall. COME ON FALL!
Fresh Picked Farm Stand Apple Gentle Foaming Hand Soap - Anti-Bacterial - Bath & Body Works 
I love these foaming hand soaps. They make it easy for Katie to wash her hands. Sometimes the other stuff is hard to rinse off. Especially if you have the patience of a 3 year old. 

Here are some other pumpkin, fall, autumn, cooler pics to give me hope that another season is coming! 



 I am determined to stick Katie in that same pumpkin bin in 2013 too!

Marcus will be crawling in the attic to pull out my fall bins before he knows it! 
I am sure he can't wait!


Staci said...

Girl, my stuff came out last weekend. The fall wreath is on the door, some pumpkins are out and floral stuff transitioned to fall filler! My house just looks best in fall colors!

Leah PS said...

ahhh! baby katie in the pumpkin bin! i hope you're taking her picture in that bin until she's 21. HA!

Dixie said...

I was about to ask if it is ok to start decorating for Fall! I love to decorate for Fall. :)

jen said...

What a gorgeous post!!! LOVE your style and decor so much! Mine came out Sept 1! I am burning pumpkin and apple candles! :)