It finally got a little cool!
We were able to go outside without our faces melting off! 
We brought dinner to the park tonight, then played.

And on the way home we had the windows down.
This is pure joy right here! 

The temps are going to creep back up this week, but we will take whatever we can get. 
And Marcus brought the fall stuff down from the attic, so I guess it's going to look fallish here one way or another!

I can't thank you all enough for your input on paint colors! It was SO helpful. And 2 girls told me about www.favoritepaintcolorsblog.com.
Uh, this is amazing! It's so nice to see the colors on the walls and not just on a little square!

I got some samples today and hope to be painting soon!
And FYI, during the Sherwin Williams sale, the one quart samples are just about $4. That is SUPER cheap. So if you need to paint some furniture, go get you some! The sale ends Monday.


Unknown said...

Love the first picture of her with the window down!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving her foot out the window!!

Tracy said...

So cute! Fall is in the air! Can't wait to see your paint. I need some inspiration.

Sherrie said...

Priceless picture of Katie enjoying the window down. She is a joy to watch growing up and enjoying herself!