So Far...

 The weekend, so far, has been good. We started it off with cinnamon crumble muffins. They made the whole house smell yummy.

Then last night we went to a high school football game! 
We had to stop for burgers first though! 
Before our food came, Katie said, 
"it's gonna be soaking yummy!" 
She's heard me say "soaking wet" before and she took it to mean really. Which I guess, she's right.
So she says things like, I'm soaking freezing or I'm soaking hungry!
I've tried to explain, but it hasn't registered yet!
(And I'm really hoping nobody mistakes for a REALLY bad word )

We were excited to see my friend, Catherine, there! And Katie was excited to have Cason there to entertain her! 

Today was swimming, me ignoring the messy house, and then car washing time!
Katie thought her car needed to be washed too!

And the hot dogs:

I might have mentioned a time or 20 that's it's still pretty darn hot! Katie keeps asking me if we can please play in the snow! It sounds good to me. I would like to lay down in the snow, face first, in my birthday suit!

I hope you're having a soaking good weekend too!


Brittany said...

Ha, you always make the laugh! We are ready for fall in MS too!!!

Unknown said...

LOl! I'm with you and Katie, snow sounds "soaking" good!

Lori said...


Erin K said...

So ready for Fall/Winter! Can't wait for Taco Soup weather. Love that Katie Belle so soaking much! Cute!