The Long Fun Weekend

 Did you have a good long weekend? We did.
 Usually holiday weekends don't apply to us, because Marcus is a fireman. And fires and emergencies don't take the day off. BUT Marcus's birthday was on Sunday, so he took a vacation day. And really he didn't do it because of his birthday, but because it was the opening day of dove season.

Who cares about all that. He was off for 5 days in a row!  
He works 24 on 48 off, so when you take one day  off, you get 5 days off. Make sense?

Friday we went to the big mall.  
Katie got to ride the train with her daddy. It was her reward for being so brave on the first day of school!
 And sadly, it was the last Friday Night Fireworks of the year!
 I told Katie soon we will be looking at Christmas lights instead of fireworks! Oh I can't wait!

Sunday was Marcus's 38th Birthday! 

 Our families came over after church for a birthday lunch.

Marcus asked for a tent and some cots for his birthday, because he wants to start taking Katie camping. So I went with a little camping theme when I decorated. I didn't get all pinteresty, because decorations are not Marcus's love language like they are mine.

 He was all ready in his hunting gear to leave after lunch. I didn't mind, because he matched my theme! 
AND he cooked his own birthday lunch. He wanted BBQ and nobody makes it as good as he does!
The family:
 Katie tried a SPICY rib:
We sang happy birthday! And that's a birthday cobbler if you are wondering!
 We could not be more opposite!

 Marcus with his parents:
 And his siblings:
I forgot to get a picture with Marcus and his wife! 
I was there, promise!

Yesterday we went to Dutch's for a hamburger...the best hamburger!
 And at the last minute we decided to ride the little train in Fort Worth. It had been raining, so we didn't think it would be open. It cleared up and it was pretty cool for our ride.
Now it's back to 105 degrees, back to school and back to work! Booo! (except for the school part, that's kind of nice)


Nutty Mom said...

What a fun post! My hubby is also a fireman so I totally understand the 5 days off :-). I was curious which mall has the train?

Staci said...

Fun weekend! We dug out fall decor and I put on flannel pajama pants and pretended it was about 50 degrees cooler than it was.