It's Pumpkin Day

Katie has asked me everyday, 
"Is it pumpkin day yet?!" 
I'm not sure how to answer that. So yes, it's pumpkin day everyday this month. I just decided. Mark your calendars and polish your pumpkins! 

I love fall! 
I love candy corn, pumpkin patches, the fair, and mostly cooler weather! We are still waiting for that around here. I really can't wait to break out the leggings and boots!

 Having these orange lights gets me super excited for Christmas time! 
This is just to hold me over til then!

Today I am linking up with Centsational Girl. Go check out some more fall decor!

Happy Fall Y'all!


Jane said...

I love the orange lights - I have some of those I need to dig out of a bin in the storage shed. So far, I've only put out "Fall" stuff - no Halloween - yet! Hoping for that cooler weather they've been promising us this this weekend, so I can break out the boots and leggings!

3jays said...

Please do another home tour, is that turquoise paint I spotted?? Your decor is so inspiring!!