Katie and I had to make a special trip to "The Big Mall" on Monday to get a Minnie Mouse trick or treat bag. A plastic orange pumpkin won't do! 
We rode the Merry Go Round and then had to get a pretzel!
 We used to be able to share a pretzel, but now Katie has a bigger appetite. And I'm preggo, so I'm not really into sharing my food right now.

Tonight our church had Trunk Or Treat.  
It ended up being inside due to the rain.

Here's my Minnie:
 Minnie and Strawberry Shortcake (Charis)
 And Katie's cousins stopped by for a little bit too!

The bounce houses and slide were a bit hit!

Katie said, "that was so much fun!" about 100 times on the way home!

I think tomorrow will be "so much fun" too. She has a costume parade at school. Then she gets to go to people's houses and get free candy! That's a 3 year old's dream right there.

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emily said...

She's the cutest Minnie!