Pumpkin Patch

 We went to the pumpkin patch today with Courtney, Charis and Drew. It's our annual tradition!

Here is our first trip to the patch when they were babies.
Katie's in the car seat on the right and Charis and Drew are in the wagon. 
My friend, Anna's boys are with us too. 

And this was 2 years ago:

Baby Katie and Charis:

And the silly girls today!

This year they were old enough to try the corn maze. It was HARD! Courtney and I were just as lost as the kids!

And I got to see Janet. She's the owner of Golightlys. She and her husband also have a delicious BBQ. They have food at the pumpkin patch every year and they do catering! 

Every year I have put Katie in this bin of pumpkins, but she was just too big this year! 
I would have DIED if we broke the old pumpkin bin. 

So last year was the last year :(
Next year we will have a new little pumpkin to stick in there! 


Staci said...

That pumpkin patch looks fun! Where is it? We may be on the hunt for a new one. We love the one we go to in Flower Mound but this weekend is the Air Show so traffic going north will be awful!
I always loved seeing Katie in the pumpkin bin! Crazy that she's big enough to just stand beside it now!

Jennie said...

Adorable!!!!!! PS-I bought tjay scarf intending to give it as a Christmas gift...way too cute and soft to give away!!! Thank you! :))

Jennie said...

Oops...that not tjay!

The Howell's said...

Cutest pumpkin in the patch! :)