Scarves and Bags!

I've got some super cute scarves for sale! 
All these scarves are VERY light weight. So they are perfect for this time of year when it's not very cold yet. And I realize I am just speaking for the south here. I heard South Dakota got 41 inches of snow! You could still wear this scarf if you want to be cute, but not if you want to avoid frost bite!

 Here's how it's gonna work. 
I will give each item a letter and a description. So if you want that item, please leave the letter, description and your email in the comments. I will send you a pay pal invoice and ship it out after I get your info!
Add $2 shipping to the scarves.
I will try to keep up with which item is sold, but please check the comments before you claim a scarf. I have some duplicates, so they will each get their own letter. 

 I really love these chevron infinity scarves. It took me a while to warm up to the infinity scarf, but now I love it! You don't have to figure out how to knot your scarf!

These are all $15 each

from left to right:
 A. pink and brown chevron
B. light pink and chocolate chevron
C. light pink and chocolate chevron
D.turquoise and gray chevron sold
E. teal and chocolate chevron sold
F. black and white chevron.sold

a closer look at the colors:

 OK these next scarves are NOT infinity scarves.

These scarves are $17 each
 G. brown leopard print
H. brown leopard print
I.gray leopard print
J.gray and black polka dot

another look:

More infinity scarves. 
Here's a group picture and I will list them individually.

K. gray snow leopard infinity $12

L. large print leopard infinity $18 sold
M. large print leopard infinity $18 sold

These next infinity scarves are made from t-shirt material and they are really soft! 

N. red and white stripe $16 sold
O. red and white stripe $16 sold

 P. black and white stripe $16
Q. coral and khaki stripe $16sold

Now onto these super cute oil cloth bags. 
I want to keep all of them! 
They are so fun and functional too. I love that they can be wiped down.

And they can be monogrammed too!
R. turquoise with leopard bag
S. leopard with orange bag 

another view of the same bags:
And here's the inside. They are all lined and have 2 pockets! 
These bags are $38 each.
They are 14" tall X 13" wide X 6 inches deep

T. leopard with pink bag sold
U. leopard with turquoise bag

another view:

And here are some cute zipper pouches too. 
They are all lined too and pretty big! You could fit a lot in there.
12" X 7.5" X 4.5"
These zipper pouches are $28 each.
BUT if you buy a big bag, you can add a zipper pouch for $20!

V. leopard and orange zipper pouch $28 
or $20 with a bag purchase

W. leopard and turquoise zipper pouch $28
or $20 with a bag purchase

X. leopard and turquoise zipper pouch $28
or $20 with a bag purchase

Y. pink and leopard zipper pouch $28  sold
or $20 if you buy a bag too
I almost ran out of alphabet!

Add $5 shipping for the big bags and $2 for the zipper pouches.
If you get more than one item, $5 is the most I will charge for shipping, total! 

If you have any questions or need better descriptions. let me know.
Happy Shopping!


Nicole said...

Hi Dina! Kyndal and I would like a D scarf (turquoise and gray) to share!! So cute!

Staci said...

I want N the Red and white infinity scarf. Fiabellaphotography@yahoo.com

Mariah said...

I would like E & L, please! mariah.erickson@gmail.com

Anne said...

F, M, Q & T sold! AnneKeesee@hotmail.com. Congrats on baby #2, dealing with grand baby #2 here and can't believe how blessed we are!

Jennie said...

Hi Dina, will you have anymore black and white chevron scarves?

Brooklynn said...

Hey! I want O, the red and white striped. Yay! Thanks!! bep0507@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I would like V please. Thanks! tmarlow92@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I would like V please. Thanks! tmarlow92@gmail.com

Unknown said...

I don't want a scarf but I want to say hi. Missed you and Marcus at the reunion. Scott Bryant