The Texas State Fair

 A cold front just came through this afternoon and it's glorious! 
We just had tortilla soup for dinner! 
Yay, Fall!

We went to the State Fair on Thursday and it was still a little bit toasty, but a fun day.
We took the train out to Dallas.

The first thing we did was get a lemon chill, or at least a fake lemon chill! 
It's all I craved when I was pregnant with Katie, so it makes sense she likes them too! 
Then it was ride time! 
3 has been a really fun age.
Lots of things bring joy and it's fun to share the experience! 

The fair is really all about the food. 
We saw fried Kool-Aid, fried bacon, fried Snickers (yum!), fried Thanksgiving dinner and lots more.
Marcus started off with a corny dog.

Katie and I ate some tornado potatoes. 

And Marcus might have had a funnel cake too! 

Then we went to the petting zoo. They had tons of animals. 
I don't know what this is, but I loved it's wig! 

Katie's favorite part was this little farm. She had to do lots of work on the farm, then she earned $1 to spend in the gift shop. She bought animal crackers. I was glad she had those animal crackers on the long way home, because it kept her content. 
I am thankful for a fun day with my family! 


Giggles said...

My Dad is there today. I am jealous because I wanted to go and couldn't and I have never been there before!! Looks like y'all had a good time!

Staci said...

Looks like fun. Haven't been to the fair in years!