We're Pretending Like It's Fall Around Here

I love to decorate for the different seasons! 
I think it's fun and creates memories.
 I also think it makes a house happy and welcoming.
I have a 3 year old that agrees with me. 

The crows might not think it's very welcoming? 
Although I don't think this girl is scaring anybody!
You are welcome to come in for some hot apple cider.
 Except it's Texas and 90 degrees, so how about a coke?
I'm linking up with Southern Hospitality today!


Fabiola Andreia said...

I just read the BIG NEWS. I am beyond excited. I know a pregnancy after 2 miscarriages is no joke, since I've been there.

I am praying you have an uneventfull pregnancy.


the cape on the corner said...

loving the hay bales! super cute.

the cape on the corner said...
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Jane said...

So cute! Love the scarecrow perched on the hay - just the right touch. And you are right - it is mighty fun to dress the outside of the house for the seasons and holidays!

Sherrie said...

Dina.....we don't have to pretend it finally feels like fall here today. Hope y'all are having a great fall day, this is my kind of weather. Windows open....my guys are all saying its cold ha! bunch of babies. I don't want it to get back up in the high 80's but much better than the 90's.


Bringing In Bedtime said...

Such wonderful decorations! Fall is here! :)