Last week we went to ICE at The Gaylord Texan.
(and Marcus and I can't help but sing Ice Ice Baby anytime we talk about it!)
STOP! Collaborate and listen
Word to your mother

 I love to go every year and last week it was half off! AND we beat the crowds and had the place to ourselves. It was so much fun! 
I love doing Christmassy things!

They give you warm coats to wear inside, because it's 20 degrees in there! It made me thankful we don't live in a cold weather climate! I was worn out trying to shove on mittens, a coat and a hat. 

The theme this year was the Nutcracker. It was so pretty and just amazing that it's all made of ice.

Last year we had to wait forever for Katie to ride the slide. This time she was the only kid there! She just had to share it with Marcus. 
They also had a New York themed room. That's where my family is from, so I loved that. We spent lots of Christmases in New York. 
The hotel is decorated really beautifully also. 
We had a fun day. I'm looking forward to some more Christmas activities coming up! It's weird to think we will have a 7 month old this time next year. I sure hope he/she doesn't cramp our style with the Christmas activities!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow! 

Not sure what this pose is, but the kid is always doing a jig:


I'm A Turtle and Some Other Things

I am still knee deep in my Christmas decorations. This is the slowest I have ever been at getting all my stuff up. I blame being a 38 year old pregnant lady, because I need an excuse.

Marcus has been super patient, but we are all ready to have our house in order. And to not have the floor covered in glitter and pine needles.

 We've also been really busy, so it's hard to fit the decorating in! 

This weekend we filled up our shoe box for Samaritan's Purse. I love doing this every year. And it's so humbling to think that all this child will get for Christmas is what is in this box....and she will be thrilled about it!
 Katie was a big help in picking things out. And she asked if the little girl was going to give her a present?
 Uh, no! There are some things we need to work on!

We also ate at Texas Roadhouse.  
That, and cereal have been my main pregnancy cravings!
Katie snapped this pic of her daddy at the restaurant. 

And this is my picture. Maybe we were sitting too close?

On Saturday morning, we helped at an event for our friend Atticus who is running for Judge in Tarrant County.
He had to get signatures on a petition to be put on the ballot. So friends were invited for donuts and a bounce house. And the petition was out too, if they felt lead to sign it!
Katie enjoyed the bounce house with Natalie:

Here's Atticus, Stephen and Marcus. 
Our families all met at church over 10 years ago, and we are friends like family now. 

And here's my good friend, Anna. She's the wife of the future judge. 
With a name like Atticus Gill, I think you are just born to be a judge! 

Marcus is on bath and bedtime duty tonight, so I might be able to have some tree decorating time. I really want to have some couch warming time, but I will ignore those feelings and persevere!


I Need Buddy the Elf!

 All my Christmas stuff got pulled down from the attic! Thanks to my dad and Marcus. 

But now, I have this mess, ALL OVER MY HOUSE.

And I know for some of you, it is a great sin to be decorating for Christmas this early, but it takes me forever to get it all up, so I need to make it worth my while. 

And LOOK! I got a pink tree off Craigslist!

All these colors make me happy. I can't wait to see what it looks like all put together!
That's why I need Buddy the Elf! Remember how quickly he decorated the department store and his dad's apartment? I need an Elf!

Katie on the other hand, decorated her tree super fast! 
She was begging to "help" me all day, so I gave her this project.
 If I was one of those really good moms, I would leave it like this. 
Honestly, I'm just not that kind of a mom.

BUT, I did get Katie this cute book at Sam's today. So that makes up for being a little controlling with my Christmas trees, right? 
Hopefully this candy cane fairy chick will show up during the night and decorate my house...and do some laundry and dishes too! 


The Cliff Notes

 I went on a really fun beach vacation with my family in August, and I still haven't blogged about it! One day I will get to that. 

Here's the last couple of weeks:

Marcus took Katie to his deer lease. It's a little over an hour away and they spent the night there.
Katie was in heaven the whole time! 

She got to eat junk food:

And went fishing for the first time:

And caught one with the help of her daddy! She didn't want to touch it though. 
That trait is genetically from me. 

Marcus said she kept busy digging holes. 

The dogs went too, so I really had the house to myself! 

They had a great time and I'm sure this is something they will do again soon. 
 Katie is blessed to have such a fun dad. 

When they got home we went to my parent's house to break in their new fire pit that my dad built.
We will be roasting lots of marshmallows over that fire pit in the future. 

This past weekend my friend, Tori, came in town from Arkansas! 
We have the best time together and we talked about everything under the sun. 
She brought her sweet daughter, Avery, too.
Katie was pretty smitten with both of them!
I wish they lived closer!

And we got a fun surprise from a neighbor. 
A new swing!
Katie's pink one broke about a month ago and it's been hanging pathetically in the tree since. 
Our neighbor noticed and said they had one that they didn't use anymore. 
Sweet, huh?
Do you think this blue swing is a sign that the new baby is a boy?

This week a cold has landed on my face and it won't get off! I can't breathe through my nose. Tonight I was talking to Katie about her new bunny PJ's and she said, "Why are you calling bunnies, buddies?


My Blog is Like My Laundry Pile

My blog is like my laundry pile, because I keep putting them both off and it just makes the job harder! 
I conquered this pile while I watched The Voice last night.
And I did 3 more loads this afternoon. 
Luckily, my mom was over today, and she tackled the laundry pile in Katie's room! 
Yay for moms!

 So now it's time to catch up with my blogging:
 I'm already in the Christmas spirit, so it seems like Halloween was a loooong time ago. BUT it has to get documented!

Katie had a costume parade at school.
She and her friend, Harper, were both Minnie Mouse. Harper's costume was her mom's when she was little.
 So cute!

Katie had my mom, Marcus and me cheering her on at the parade!

That night we were ready for some 
Katie thought we were supposed to bring our big treat bucket to the neighbor's house to give them candy. 
She was THRILLED when she realized they were giving her candy! 
She said, "Let's do that again!"

You can see our new baby in that round belly! 
(I have reached the 4 month mark!)
I took Katie to a few houses, then Marcus had a turn while I passed out candy. 
Katie getting her first sample:

Then we ditched our house and went to see Katie's cousins.
They did some more trick-or-treating and she had the BEST time! 
We had a fun night and stayed way too late.

The next day Katie had another fun day with her Daddy! 
And I got to be by myself for 24 whole hours.
More on that later. I need to pace myself! 

My favorite Arkansan is coming in town this weekend, so laundry and cleaning has to get done. It's no longer just an option! I want my accommodations to be nicer than the Motel 6, and as of right now, they are not.