I'm A Turtle and Some Other Things

I am still knee deep in my Christmas decorations. This is the slowest I have ever been at getting all my stuff up. I blame being a 38 year old pregnant lady, because I need an excuse.

Marcus has been super patient, but we are all ready to have our house in order. And to not have the floor covered in glitter and pine needles.

 We've also been really busy, so it's hard to fit the decorating in! 

This weekend we filled up our shoe box for Samaritan's Purse. I love doing this every year. And it's so humbling to think that all this child will get for Christmas is what is in this box....and she will be thrilled about it!
 Katie was a big help in picking things out. And she asked if the little girl was going to give her a present?
 Uh, no! There are some things we need to work on!

We also ate at Texas Roadhouse.  
That, and cereal have been my main pregnancy cravings!
Katie snapped this pic of her daddy at the restaurant. 

And this is my picture. Maybe we were sitting too close?

On Saturday morning, we helped at an event for our friend Atticus who is running for Judge in Tarrant County.
He had to get signatures on a petition to be put on the ballot. So friends were invited for donuts and a bounce house. And the petition was out too, if they felt lead to sign it!
Katie enjoyed the bounce house with Natalie:

Here's Atticus, Stephen and Marcus. 
Our families all met at church over 10 years ago, and we are friends like family now. 

And here's my good friend, Anna. She's the wife of the future judge. 
With a name like Atticus Gill, I think you are just born to be a judge! 

Marcus is on bath and bedtime duty tonight, so I might be able to have some tree decorating time. I really want to have some couch warming time, but I will ignore those feelings and persevere!


emily said...

I think it is wonderful you include K in the Samaritan Purse. She may not fully get it now, but she will and oh what a glorious gift that will be!

Atticus is such a strong, Judge-like name. Good luck to him!

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Oh, I love the Samaritans purse! Thank you for bringing attention to them!