My Blog is Like My Laundry Pile

My blog is like my laundry pile, because I keep putting them both off and it just makes the job harder! 
I conquered this pile while I watched The Voice last night.
And I did 3 more loads this afternoon. 
Luckily, my mom was over today, and she tackled the laundry pile in Katie's room! 
Yay for moms!

 So now it's time to catch up with my blogging:
 I'm already in the Christmas spirit, so it seems like Halloween was a loooong time ago. BUT it has to get documented!

Katie had a costume parade at school.
She and her friend, Harper, were both Minnie Mouse. Harper's costume was her mom's when she was little.
 So cute!

Katie had my mom, Marcus and me cheering her on at the parade!

That night we were ready for some 
Katie thought we were supposed to bring our big treat bucket to the neighbor's house to give them candy. 
She was THRILLED when she realized they were giving her candy! 
She said, "Let's do that again!"

You can see our new baby in that round belly! 
(I have reached the 4 month mark!)
I took Katie to a few houses, then Marcus had a turn while I passed out candy. 
Katie getting her first sample:

Then we ditched our house and went to see Katie's cousins.
They did some more trick-or-treating and she had the BEST time! 
We had a fun night and stayed way too late.

The next day Katie had another fun day with her Daddy! 
And I got to be by myself for 24 whole hours.
More on that later. I need to pace myself! 

My favorite Arkansan is coming in town this weekend, so laundry and cleaning has to get done. It's no longer just an option! I want my accommodations to be nicer than the Motel 6, and as of right now, they are not.


Staci said...

I desperately miss maternity pants during the holidays! Those should be acceptable during the holidays!

Giggles said...

Katie looked precious and you looked great!

emily said...

What a fun Halloween! You look fantastic!

The Howell's said...

Cute! And you look great! 4 months. Woohoo!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to find out what it is!

Tracy said...

You look great! Still so happy for you. I think it's a boy. What a fun Holloween, Katie is darling!