The Cliff Notes

 I went on a really fun beach vacation with my family in August, and I still haven't blogged about it! One day I will get to that. 

Here's the last couple of weeks:

Marcus took Katie to his deer lease. It's a little over an hour away and they spent the night there.
Katie was in heaven the whole time! 

She got to eat junk food:

And went fishing for the first time:

And caught one with the help of her daddy! She didn't want to touch it though. 
That trait is genetically from me. 

Marcus said she kept busy digging holes. 

The dogs went too, so I really had the house to myself! 

They had a great time and I'm sure this is something they will do again soon. 
 Katie is blessed to have such a fun dad. 

When they got home we went to my parent's house to break in their new fire pit that my dad built.
We will be roasting lots of marshmallows over that fire pit in the future. 

This past weekend my friend, Tori, came in town from Arkansas! 
We have the best time together and we talked about everything under the sun. 
She brought her sweet daughter, Avery, too.
Katie was pretty smitten with both of them!
I wish they lived closer!

And we got a fun surprise from a neighbor. 
A new swing!
Katie's pink one broke about a month ago and it's been hanging pathetically in the tree since. 
Our neighbor noticed and said they had one that they didn't use anymore. 
Sweet, huh?
Do you think this blue swing is a sign that the new baby is a boy?

This week a cold has landed on my face and it won't get off! I can't breathe through my nose. Tonight I was talking to Katie about her new bunny PJ's and she said, "Why are you calling bunnies, buddies?

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emily said...

What a fun "daddy-daughter" weekend! I'm sure she'll treasure these times forever.

Hope you feel better!