Baby It's Cold Outside!

We woke up to lots of ice!
Katie couldn't wait for her daddy to get home from work this morning and play. He's way more fun than her preggo mommy.

Marcus worked 2 days in a row at the fire station. He was up all night due to the weather and lots of accidents, but he is playing with Katie right now. She's blessed to have him as a dad.

We rarely see real icicles:
It looks like pretty snow, but it's hard ice. 
Good for sledding down the driveway though. 

Daddy had a turn too. 
Thankfully I stocked up at the store on Wednesday. We've already had cinnamon rolls and sausage balls. I see lots more food in our future today!


Brittany said...

I went to the store for cinnamon rolls, toilet paper, milk, & bread! The staples are a must have in this weather. :)

donna said...

Katie just told me the other day she likes cold weather. She certainly got her wish. Looks like she is having fun. Wish I was there (watching from your living room window)

Nicole said...

Yum to sausage balls!