Thanks and Lots O' Fun!

Thanks for all your sweet and encouraging words about our baby boy! We are excited! I think we will like having him around. 

Overall it's been a fun week. An icy fun week!
Katie and Marcus played lots of hours outside! 
And she became quite fond of icicles. 
Then it was my job to warm her up with hot chocolate.
 My pleasure! 

I also warmed myself up with these rolo pretzel pecan yummy things.
This was before they went in the oven. They disappeared too quickly to get an after picture. 

Marcus and Katie also ventured off to his sister's house. Her street has a fun big hill to sled on. 
It's probably best I wasn't there! I'm a teensie bit more protective than Marcus.
Katie also took a turn on her cousin, Melissa's back!
I know they had so much fun. I always appreciate Marcus getting pics when I'm not around! 

We also got to celebrate my niece, Morgan's, 13th birthday! 
We are so blessed to live close to our family. 
And Katie has the BEST cousins. They are so good to her! 
Morgan is the sweetest 13 year old in the world! 
Tomorrow is Katie's last day of school until January 6th! 
My to do list is 50 miles long. 
All I want to do is plop on my couch and watch Christmas movies.
That might be my plan for January 6th!


The Howell's said...

So exciting about the boy! Congrats! :)

Erin K said...

I can't believe Morgan is 13!!!! Happy birthday sweet Morgan. Love the sledding pics!