Thanksgiving in an Ambulance

It's probably not fair to title this post like that. My mom might have a heart attack....even though she knows we are all fine. 
Marcus had to work on Thanksgiving, so Katie and I visited him at the fire station. She loved the ambulance! Marcus and I both prayed right then and there that she would never have to NEED to ride in one. They are just for fun! 

When we were visiting, the guys got a call! 
Katie and I had the place to ourselves for a little while!
It's a bummer when Daddy misses holidays! 

Earlier in the day Katie and I went to my in-laws house for lunch. And my parents came too! 
My niece, Melissa, made these cute and yummy brownies! 

Jeddy, Melissa, and Jennifer. 


The fam:

Katie's cousins are so good to her. 
They were having a tea party...and pretend burping too. 

Friday night we went to the parade of lights in Ft. Worth. 
Marcus's sister, Pam, and our nieces saved us good seats!

All the floats are lit up and it's so much fun! 
I hate that Thanksgiving was late this year. I am feeling a little ripped off. And hardly anybody has Christmas lights up yet! Katie and I drove around last night looking for some and after a while she yelled, "come on neighbors! Where are your lights?!"

All I know is the Texans better get it done tomorrow. It's supposed to be almost 80 degrees here and then in the 20's by Friday! 
I'm a little excited and hoping for some snow!


the undomesticated wife said...

We don't have our outside lights up yet, but I do have five trees up so far! ;) That counts, right?

kimert said...

I hear ya! I don't even have my tree up yet!! It's killing me, but we are in football season (still!) so I am hoping after the state champ game this week I can get it all up.

Staci said...

Ok, your title scared me a little! Glad it was for fun. We went to the Parade of Lights, too. The new square is so cool! Great weather for the parade, too. Looking forward to a chance of snow this weekend!

emily said...

The life of a firefighter's daughter!! I'm sure none of her friends' Thanksgivings consisted of a cool Ambulance "ride"!