The Tree Lighting Minus The Tree

 It's time to break out the Christmas outfits!
Katie got this cute bow from Ms. Lisa at church. She makes the most adorable kids' clothes. Her things have been on Zulily a lot recently. You can see her FB page here.

We went to our town's tree lighting tonight. 
I forgot to get a picture of the stinkin' tree! 

Here is Katie with Rudolph and Frosty. 
It's a HUGE deal that she cuddled up to these guys. She wanted nothing to do with Santa when we visited him. 

We saw a real reindeer!

Decorated some cookies.

And they had the best fireworks. I have never been able to take a decent firework picture.

Katie wanted to go down this giant slide. She was the smallest one in line for sure. I just kept praying if she wasn't meant to go down it, that she would get scared and turn back. 

Not scared at all! She climbed it like a champ. I was so proud! And a little nervous too! 

She loved it!
We had a such a great time. I appreciate that our town hosts these fun FREE things for families!

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