I'm Alive

Happy New Year! 
And Merry Christmas too!
I have so much to catch up on, but I'm not doing it now. 
Just wanted to say I am alive and well, because some of you sweet people have checked on me. 

 And look! The baby is still doing well too. I have a giant bump!
And Katie and Marcus are great also.
We had LOTS of family in town for Christmas and it was wonderful.
11 people were staying in my house! And some passed around the stomach bug. FUN!

We celebrated a couple of times with Marcus's family.
This was after our nerf gun war! 
Nothing says "Happy Birthday Jesus" like shooting your loved ones with foam bullets!
My Christmas stuff is still up, I have TONS of laundry to do, AND my Christmas cards are going out in the mail tomorrow! I can't catch up! 

We thoroughly enjoyed the holidays though.
AND we have something fun to look forward to this month!
I will tell you after we tell Katie! 


Staci said...

I swear I almost texted you today, just to say Happy New Year and make sure you were alive and well! I hope you'll fill us in on what goodies you got for Christmas.

And I think it's time you joined Instagram. Instant gratification with just pictures!

Ashley Tremaine said...

OMGoodness!! That is not fair! You can't say you have news to share and then NOT share it! Hahaha!! I'm going to throw out a guess....a new house? I know how much you love to decorate and how you get the new house bug!! :)) Can't wait to find out! As always, love the blog and glad all is well!!

Sherrie said...

Good to see your happy faces and belly :)!!!!

I'm taking a guess on your exciting news...got another house?! I want the one you are in hehe!

Don't be a stranger for so long this time!

Stephanie said...

I guess you are having TWINS.....

Unknown said...

I love your bump!

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad everything is okay....I admit, I was a little worried about you.....does that sound silly?...I mean I don't really know you but I come to your blog often and when it was so long between postings, I was worried but I told myself...it's Christmas, she's just busy......so glad to know that you were just enjoying the holidays with your family....yeah!!!.....I'm guessing the news is a different house???

These are the days... said...

Yay! Love seeing the pictures! You look beautiful! Can't wait to here the news! ~Nikki from Mansfield