...K-E-Y   M-O-U-S-E

Marcus's brother surprised the whole family with a trip to Disney World! 
We are going soon. 

This is when Katie found out on Saturday.
We told her that her uncle had a surprise for her. She was a little scared to find out what it was. 

Then she was thrilled! 
I love the part when she takes off her bow and throws it in the air!

I would love to hear any tips you have!
We are staying at a house, not on the resort and we will be there for 7 days! 
I hope my baby doesn't fall out!


TressaMOMof3 said...

Well yay! I am so jealous! I love Disney World and Land, and we have brought our kids to both. Our daughter was 3 the first time around, make sure you have a stroller! Even if she doesn't want to be in it all the time, at least she will have that option if she is tired. Plus, you can put your back packs or bags in it too. Bring your own snacks or even food for lunches. It is SUPER expensive to eat there, we did for treats and stuff, but we brought our own food. Get fast passes right away for the most popular rides. So worth it! You can ask for ice water instead of pop and it is all free. Water is good for the pregnant ladies ;) I am so excited for you, I love taking my kids, it is so much more fun with kids than without!

ginacate said...

So much advice I want to share, but I'll keep it to just one thing. Make reservations to eat at Hollywood & Vine at Hollywood Studios. They just replaced Special Agent Oslo & June from Little Einsteins with DOC MC STUFFINS & SOFIA!!! I'm screaming with the same excitement that my 3 year old did when she found out, ha!

ginacate said...

Oso.. ugh, spellcheck

Kelsey said...

I've never been but read a blog that has a recap of the recent trip that their family took with pointers. http://www.jennablogs.com/2010/06/part-2-of-our-trip.html

Hope you all have a great time!

Kelsey said...

Wrong link! http://www.jennablogs.com/

Christine said...

You'll have a blast! The princess breakfast at Epcot was hands down the best thing we did, my 3yo daughter was in heaven! It's akershus royal breakfast. We only went because most everything else princess related was sold out.. Enjoy!

kimert said...

How cute! Disney is really THE happiest place on earth. it is the one place my kids didn't really whine, cry or fuss while we there. I hope you have a blast and hang on to that baby! ;)

Mackenzie Turrill said...

YAY for Disney! I echo the stroller, snacks and fast passes. Also, as cute as those Mickey balloons are (and they last FOREVER!) you'll regret it the minute you tie it to your stroller (a tip I heard to "mark" your stroller so you know which is yours) and it starts whacking you in the face as you push your kiddo through the crowds. Or, if yours ends the day anything like mine, they're tired, so you're carrying a heavy, tired toddler AND a balloon that's whacking you in the face! ;) But it's MAGICAL. I usually cry big girl tears when we leave. Soak in all in!!!!!!! :)

(and on a MUCH more random note, what is the name of the pink paint color in your dining room?!?! Thank you!!! :)