Our Disney Trip

We went to Disney World from the 8th - 15th with Marcus's family. 
We only had a week's notice before our trip!
It was all planned by my brother-in-law.
 Of course my first priority was to get some shirts made for Katie!
My friend, Sherri, came to the rescue. She sells things in Golightly's too and she embroiders...and she's super fast! Her Etsy shop is WeatheredWhimsical. And you can find her on FB here.
Our first day at Disney World was spent at Animal Kingdom. 
I thought the zebra shirt was appropriate for that!

 This is our group minus, Marcus's dad (taking the picture) and My brother in law, Jeff. Who joined us later that day.
 We met Mickey and Minnie!

I rode this ride with Katie first. I was so scared! I am terrified of heights. And it went HIGH (to me anyway). I was nervous laughing so hard that I had tears streaming down my face.


It started pouring later in the day. Like my poncho?

 This was the house we stayed at all week. It was beautiful. 
And we had a 15 passenger van to haul us around.

 We had our own pool and hot tub too!

Magic Kingdom Day! 
Marcus and I were a teensie bit cheesy in our matching Mickey shirts.   his idea :)


 Katie rode this roller coaster with her dad a bunch.
The baby and I weren't allowed on, but it always gave me an excuse to get a snack! 

 Katie with her Annie on Dumbo

We loved the tea cups and rode them about 100 times!

 Hollywood Studios.
I promise my kid was happy!

 Another Magic Kingdom day with my Minnie Mouse.

These are Katie's super sweet cousins. 
They are so good to her.

We had to see some Princesses!
This is Rapunzel.

 And Snow White.
 They were so sweet and took lots of time to talk to Katie. 
I loved watching her face as she was chatting with them.

At night we went to the parade. 

A Day at Epcot! 

I think the best thing at Epcot was the cro-nut...or 2 that we got. 
It's a croissant donut! YUM! 

 Marcus, Katie and I spent another day at Magic Kingdom while the others went to a different park. 
It was our favorite and it had a lot of rides that Katie could do. 



Princess Aurora
(sleeping beauty)

 This was pretty exciting.
Katie's looking up, because she's asking Ariel where Flounder is? 

Merry Go Round. 
Marcus left all the spinning rides to me!

And I will leave you with the most heavenly picture.
GIANT cokes!
Yes, please! 
We had a wonderful week. It was a trip of a lifetime and we are so thankful. 

The really crazy thing is that starting in October, Katie was asking me almost everyday, "How many days til we go to Disney World? WHAT? ( we had no idea about this trip until a couple of weeks ago) I kept telling her that we probably wouldn't go to Disney World for several years, until her brother was older. And even then I didn't know if we could, because it's so expensive. She kept asking, day after day after day. So I told her that we needed to pray about it. That if God wanted us to go to Disney World, He would make a way. I said it would be a miracle! 

Well the girl got her miracle! My brother in law had no idea Katie had this desire in her heart when he planned the trip.

Now back to reality.
It's about time to get ready for this baby boy!


Nicole said...

So great, Dina!! Happy you got to spend this special time with Katie before the little guy shows up. Hope you are doing well!

kimert said...

What an awesome trip! And I LOVE that sweet Katie got her miracle Disney Trip. Disney really is the happiest place on earth to me!

Brooklynn said...

So fun!!!!! Love her outfits! I can't wait.to take a family.trip to Disney! And, doesnt God work in mysterious ways?! :-)

Mandi said...

What a wonderful blessing! I love all of Katie's shirts...so cute.

Christine said...

Is it weird that Katie's answered prayer brought a tear to my eye? So precious! We went last year and it is crazy how expensive it is!!