Sugar and Color: My Two Faves!

It is freezing cold here, but it's always Slurpee weather! 
Katie and I treated ourselves after school today.
I also treated myself to a package of chocolate donuts! Sometimes it's really fun being pregnant! I don't even have to pretend that my New Year's Resolution is to lose weight. It might be a different story in April though!
And I love that this view makes it look like I have a clean car.  ha!

Um, more sugar:
Marcus's dad treated us to the Fort Worth Rodeo last night. Of course we had to get cotton candy!

This is Pam (sis in law) and Melissa. 
Katie just wants to hurry and take the picture so she can shove more fluff in her mouth!
I failed to get a picture of the rest of the crew. And I am willing to bet that if I didn't have a blog, pictures would rarely get taken at all! 

I love this pile of colors!
I just brought up a bunch of scarves to Golightly's. These are great for now and spring too. The pastel chevrons are kind of Easter eggish!

And if you missed the mascara party yesterday, you can see that here.


Kristin said...

Hi Dina! I've been looking all over West Texas for chevron scarves! Can I buy from you? I think I want two, the orange-y red on in the center and the darker pink! How much are they? Thanks!

emily said...

Love those scarves!

and one can never have too much sugar. (and I want a slurpee now!)