I turned 39 on Thursday!
It was a fun day. Katie had to go to school, so Marcus and I went on a lunch date. You'll have to take my word for it, because I didn't get any pictures. 

Then Thursday night, my friends and I met at Sephora! It's fun to go make-up shopping with friends.  Especially when they buy you gift cards! 

I didn't think it was very nice to shove me and my giant belly up front in this picture though!

Then we went to The Cheesecake Factory. 
We had a great time and I have the best friends. Some peeps couldn't make it and we missed them. 

I will go eat cheesecake again if I need to! 

When I got home, Katie and Marcus were already in bed. BUT the house was decorated! 

Marcus improvised with some Valentine balloons. 
 He also said that Katie got my confetti out and made a "star trail" for me around the house! 
THANKFULLY, Marcus cleaned it up! 

I appreciated their effort!

Friday night we celebrated with both our families. 

My family, plus the Olympics! 

And Marcus's family. 
 Minus Marcus and Katie. Sadly, she was getting disciplined in the other room. 
And these pics were taken a minute apart. 3 year olds can have some major mood swings! 
So glad our families get along and live close, so we can celebrate together! 

Getting older doesn't bother me much at all. I did notice more wrinkles on Thursday morning though!

AND this weekend I felt 89 and 100 months pregnant. I think this baby might come sooner than planned. 
I'm not ready for him yet. And Katie for sure isn't! She told me she didn't want me to have another baby and that when he comes, we should put him in jail...nice jail, not mean jail. So she does have a little bit of compassion for him?!



My People

 Hey Tarrant County, Texas peeps!

Our friend, Atticus Gill, is running for judge
Early voting started yesterday!

I am not super into politics at all, and usually ignored these primary elections. My eyes have been opened to how much time and dedication it takes to run for office. I have a new respect for all the candidates.

So, if you live in Tarrant County, please go vote

This is my friend Anna (Atticus's better half), her mom and her sister at the fundraiser. 
Her cute mom wore that flag skirt in the Miss Texas pageant lots of years ago! 
Good thing she held on to it! Adorable! 

Here's more info about Judge Gill: 

Atticus is running for Judge of Tarrant County Criminal Court 2.  This is a misdemeanor court that is the FIRST stop for a bad choice someone may have made.  Some of the cases that come through include, small amounts of drug possession, drinking and driving, etc.  It's crucial to have a Judge who knows the law, who sees the larger picture (Atticus wants to make an impact in the lives of these people so they don't end up going into Felony Court and becoming "part of the system".  And that benefits everyone!)  We also need Judges with not only knowledge but WISDOM!  Atticus graduated number one in his law school class.  He was also presented with the ethics award!  

  • Atticus is an Associate Judge for the cities of Westworth Village and Westover Hills on the west side of Fort Worth.
  • Atticus Gill was voted a Fort Worth "Top Attorney" by his peers.  (Fort Worth Magazine December 2013)   
  • Gill has been elected for his 3rd term on the Tarrant County Bail Bond Board.   
  • He has handled over 2,000 criminal cases.
  • Judge Gill is the only candidate who is currently a Judge.  (Three other candidates: John White, Joyce Stephens, Carey Walker)
  • Atticus serves as a volunteer for Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans, volunteering legal help for those who have served our country.
I tell people all the time, "If you know Atticus, you will vote for him!"  He is a man of great character and integrity.  

Cutie Anna with Atticus. 
They balance each other. 
Silly and Serious. 

Also, I mentioned our friends, The Colemans, a couple of weeks ago.  
Their 1 1/2 year old, Bennett, has cancer. They were hoping chemo would shrink his tumor, so they could surgically remove it. It didn't work. So he starts radiation tomorrow. Please be praying for them. 

photo 1-3
Their blog is here.
Their faith and attitude will bless you and amaze you. 

And here are my favorite people:

Katie had to warm up in her Daddy's shirt.

On Valentine's Day, Marcus's mom watched Katie for a little bit, so we could go on a lunch date. 
They had themselves a parade! 
Katie was in heaven singing all the way down the street!
She's blessed to have such fun and WILLING grandparents.

Tomorrow is a big day!

I am going out to lunch AND dinner! It's nice to be pregnant and not have to even pretend like I'm on a diet.

And we will be going to vote too! Go Atticus!


Love is in The Air. And Paint is Too

 We had our family Sunday lunch over here, so it had to be Valentinesy!
(Look! I covered my kitchen chairs in that fun chevron! I will get a picture later)

You can't beat a holiday that celebrates pink and red AND chocolate. And love, of course.
All my faves!

And I am painting my front entry wall. AGAIN. This is the 5th time. 
We have lived here 3 1/2 years. 

This time I have a helper though! 

I am hoping to be done very soon. I mainly have lots of touch ups to do. 
And I plan on moving before I paint that wall again!


Snow and Headbands

So, my husband's a little bit crazy. 
He and a friend went camping/hunting in the freezing cold last week. They woke up to snow, which they didn't plan on. 

Here's Marcus cuddled with Cash. 

He left Blue at home. Blue's more of a lover than a fighter. He doesn't like guns. So Katie and I had to take care of him.

 Instead of 1 little thing on my heels all day, I had 2!

He helped me get Katie up in the morning.

And we had to take him in the car, because he was a little sad that his dad and brother abandoned him. 

Do you like my cute headband? I borrowed it from Katie!

My friend, Staci, makes them. 
Her Etsy shop is called Bella and Liv. 

They were meant for Katie, but I LOVE them! I have tons of hair right now, because for some reason when you're pregnant, not a single hair falls out of your head! These headbands hold all my hair back and stay put. 

This is the worst picture. That mirror is just super old, not super dirty. And I can never take a selfie. I always look surprised!

 Katie and I are both wearing one here. I am thankful she's letting me share with her!

 While Marcus was gone, we had fun in the snow too!

We went to play with the cousins. And they let Katie help them make a snowman. 

Katie was inside before he was completed. She saw they were using Hershey Kisses for his eyes and mouth, and she came inside to get some for herself. I am thinking she might be related to me! 
Melissa and Jeddy with Frosty.

And if you missed buying the 3D mascara, my friend Michelle's website is here.
and her FB is here.  There are lots of tips and great before and after pics on there. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be another cold day with some sleet. As long as Katie's school isn't cancelled, I don't care! (just found out it's cancelled.) Then, 72 degrees on Sunday. The weather has multiple personality disorder.


29 and 39

I haven't talked about my pregnancy much lately. 
It's still sinking in! 
   I am 29 weeks now, so it better fully sink in quickly! I went to the doctor yesterday and this baby is big and measuring about 3 weeks ahead! It could be a sign of gestational diabetes. I was tested yesterday, so we'll see. They say it's pretty common for moms "my age"! You know, OLD! I will be 39 in a couple of weeks!

I keep slathering on that moisturizer and coloring my roots. So hopefully 39 won't look like 39. Not that there is anything wrong with that! 

Still no name for this baby. Keep your suggestions coming. 
I did order bedding today though! And he officially has 4 outfits! So I'm making some progress. Someone needs to light a fire under my hiney! 

This girl had a name since I was in 9th grade and  had clothes before she was conceived! 
Katie is modeling the poncho her Nonni made her. 

She had to have her hippo, Bum Bum, in this one. 
(don't worry, she's not allowed to name our baby!)

This afternoon we saw Frozen...again.
It was the special sing along one. We pretty much had the theater to ourselves. Katie didn't sing, but she did a pretty fancy dance when the trolls sang!
my mom, Morgan, Katie, Drew, Charis, and Courtney.

And today is the last day of my 3D mascara party. You can see details here.

And also, this is so random, but can someone else please follow my blog? Not that I care at all about getting followers, but right now it's at 666 and it's not sitting well with me! :)