I turned 39 on Thursday!
It was a fun day. Katie had to go to school, so Marcus and I went on a lunch date. You'll have to take my word for it, because I didn't get any pictures. 

Then Thursday night, my friends and I met at Sephora! It's fun to go make-up shopping with friends.  Especially when they buy you gift cards! 

I didn't think it was very nice to shove me and my giant belly up front in this picture though!

Then we went to The Cheesecake Factory. 
We had a great time and I have the best friends. Some peeps couldn't make it and we missed them. 

I will go eat cheesecake again if I need to! 

When I got home, Katie and Marcus were already in bed. BUT the house was decorated! 

Marcus improvised with some Valentine balloons. 
 He also said that Katie got my confetti out and made a "star trail" for me around the house! 
THANKFULLY, Marcus cleaned it up! 

I appreciated their effort!

Friday night we celebrated with both our families. 

My family, plus the Olympics! 

And Marcus's family. 
 Minus Marcus and Katie. Sadly, she was getting disciplined in the other room. 
And these pics were taken a minute apart. 3 year olds can have some major mood swings! 
So glad our families get along and live close, so we can celebrate together! 

Getting older doesn't bother me much at all. I did notice more wrinkles on Thursday morning though!

AND this weekend I felt 89 and 100 months pregnant. I think this baby might come sooner than planned. 
I'm not ready for him yet. And Katie for sure isn't! She told me she didn't want me to have another baby and that when he comes, we should put him in jail...nice jail, not mean jail. So she does have a little bit of compassion for him?!



Sherrie said...

Happy Birthday Dina!!! You are so cute with your baby belly, great pictures :)

Marcus gets a 100 on his decorations at home for you!!! Love how he improvised with the balloons too. He is picking up your decorations/decor very well.....he should give husband lessons hehe!

You best start getting ready for that baby boy :) Does he have a name yet?

Leah PS said...

Happy belated birthday Dina! Does baby boy have a name yet?

Meghan said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I haven't been able to read any of the blogs I follow lately so I was pleasantly surprised to see you are preggers! Congrats!!!

Staci said...

Happiest of birthdays! Looks like you had a fabulous celebration!

Brooklynn said...

Happy birthday!!!!! We love the Cheesecake Factory too!

You look beautiful and I'm glad to see Katie is somewhat ok with the new baby. Just as long as he doesn't come live with her, right?! :-)

kimert said...

Happy Belated birthday! You look absolutely beautiful. What a great birthday celebration!!

The Howell's said...

Hope you had a fabulous birthday, and you look great! Super cute pregnant gal! :) xo

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday!! You look beautiful!! Can't wait to see baby boys room!