29 and 39

I haven't talked about my pregnancy much lately. 
It's still sinking in! 
   I am 29 weeks now, so it better fully sink in quickly! I went to the doctor yesterday and this baby is big and measuring about 3 weeks ahead! It could be a sign of gestational diabetes. I was tested yesterday, so we'll see. They say it's pretty common for moms "my age"! You know, OLD! I will be 39 in a couple of weeks!

I keep slathering on that moisturizer and coloring my roots. So hopefully 39 won't look like 39. Not that there is anything wrong with that! 

Still no name for this baby. Keep your suggestions coming. 
I did order bedding today though! And he officially has 4 outfits! So I'm making some progress. Someone needs to light a fire under my hiney! 

This girl had a name since I was in 9th grade and  had clothes before she was conceived! 
Katie is modeling the poncho her Nonni made her. 

She had to have her hippo, Bum Bum, in this one. 
(don't worry, she's not allowed to name our baby!)

This afternoon we saw Frozen...again.
It was the special sing along one. We pretty much had the theater to ourselves. Katie didn't sing, but she did a pretty fancy dance when the trolls sang!
my mom, Morgan, Katie, Drew, Charis, and Courtney.

And today is the last day of my 3D mascara party. You can see details here.

And also, this is so random, but can someone else please follow my blog? Not that I care at all about getting followers, but right now it's at 666 and it's not sitting well with me! :)


Debbie said...

There you go...no more 666, I completely understand!! I've read your blog for a long time but never followed, took care of that tonight! Sleep well now, so excited for your new little one. Blessings, Debbie

Staci said...

I'd be the same way with that number! I used to have to add a small order of waffle fries or extra small drink to my order at CFA because my total would be $6.66. They raised their prices which was fine with me!

Katie looks precious in her poncho!

Glad you're feeling well. Hope to see a pic of her in her headband soon!

emily said...

Glad you and baby boy are doing well! I hope I look half as great as you do when I'm 39! Seriously!

Twinkle Terrior said...

Baby names ... WYATT !! I don't know but yall being in TX and it seems like a classic and cool name (like the baby's family) oxox