Snow and Headbands

So, my husband's a little bit crazy. 
He and a friend went camping/hunting in the freezing cold last week. They woke up to snow, which they didn't plan on. 

Here's Marcus cuddled with Cash. 

He left Blue at home. Blue's more of a lover than a fighter. He doesn't like guns. So Katie and I had to take care of him.

 Instead of 1 little thing on my heels all day, I had 2!

He helped me get Katie up in the morning.

And we had to take him in the car, because he was a little sad that his dad and brother abandoned him. 

Do you like my cute headband? I borrowed it from Katie!

My friend, Staci, makes them. 
Her Etsy shop is called Bella and Liv. 

They were meant for Katie, but I LOVE them! I have tons of hair right now, because for some reason when you're pregnant, not a single hair falls out of your head! These headbands hold all my hair back and stay put. 

This is the worst picture. That mirror is just super old, not super dirty. And I can never take a selfie. I always look surprised!

 Katie and I are both wearing one here. I am thankful she's letting me share with her!

 While Marcus was gone, we had fun in the snow too!

We went to play with the cousins. And they let Katie help them make a snowman. 

Katie was inside before he was completed. She saw they were using Hershey Kisses for his eyes and mouth, and she came inside to get some for herself. I am thinking she might be related to me! 
Melissa and Jeddy with Frosty.

And if you missed buying the 3D mascara, my friend Michelle's website is here.
and her FB is here.  There are lots of tips and great before and after pics on there. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be another cold day with some sleet. As long as Katie's school isn't cancelled, I don't care! (just found out it's cancelled.) Then, 72 degrees on Sunday. The weather has multiple personality disorder.


emily said...

Your husband is definitely hard core!

Love those headbands. Thanks for sharing.

Sara Lynn said...

The headbands are super cute! I may have to go check out her etsy store!

Staci said...

Thanks Dina! Oh my, she looks so precious in them! I'm glad she liked them. And of course, you look precious, too. Can't believe how much hair you have! I'm kind of jealous.