Nesting and Playing

 I'm a woman on a mission trying to getting ready for our newest member of the family. 
Yesterday I cleaned behind our fridge and wiped down kitchen cabinets. I am sure the baby will be inspecting those things when he comes home!

I think I just want things clean and organized so I don't have a "to do" list hanging over my head. I just want to enjoy baby time and try to give Katie enough attention also.

We are having some fun too. 

This is Katie and Marcus watching "Let it Go" on YouTube. 
She's letting Marcus sing along here:
 But then she said "that's enough!"

 We went to watch Charis get her ears pierced at the mall on Friday! 
It was so exciting! 

Her brother and cousin came too!

 She was so brave and didn't even cry! I think Courtney and I almost did though!

Katie wasn't up for getting her ears pierced, but she did get a hair cut! 
Charis was very supportive! 

On Sunday, we got our first snow cone of the year!  
It was in the 50's outside, but it was still good! 
You can see Katie's cute hair cut here. 

Then on Monday, Katie's friend, Clint, came over to play. 
She was waiting impatiently at the window for him. 
She insisted on being a ballerina! 
The super awesome thing is that Clint came dressed as a ninja! 
These kids know how to live life!

Tomorrow I plan on doing things like cleaning baseboards and washing my couch pillows. Maybe if I dress up like a ballerina it will be more fun?


Open For Business

 I have my own room at Golightly's!
I moved in on Thursday. 

There's still several more things I want to do, but at least it's set up!

 I had lots of help from my family!
Marcus is spray painting chairs for me here. 

My sister and dad did lots of furniture painting. My mom and mother-in-law babysat, and my sister-in-law, Lisa, helped me display and price things. 
 Our garage has been filled with projects for a while.

The name of my business is Pinky Leigh's. 
So I incorporated some pink on the ceiling and in the built in shelves.
I think I will use those shelves for jewelry.
(and Marcus was smart and had me hire someone to paint the room! I think he was worried the baby might fall out!)

We have a new tearoom in Golightly's that just opened.
 I was so thankful! 

I ate there TWICE on Thursday as I was setting up. 
My first meal was quiche, salad and fruit at about 11:00
then at 2:30 I had a their chocolate coconut cake! YUM!

Their actual grand opening is on Tuesday, so I will take some pics and share them with you. 
We should all go eat there together!
I am hoping to have my space packed to the brim before baby boy comes!

Right now I need to focus on the MOUNTAIN of laundry that accumulated while I was ignoring my house this week. Everything is a disaster. And our oven and dishwasher broke too! It's not like the oven and I are super tight or anything, but I really need my dishwasher!


Happy Campers

I haven't had the baby yet! 
And I hope I don't this week.

 It's going to be a busy one.
I am getting my own room at Golightly's! I've been wanting to do this for a long time. The timing could not be worse, but it's still exciting.

So I have been running around town like a crazy person trying to find furniture and stuff for my space. Tomorrow I have  to paint a lot of it and start painting my room too. I hope to set everything up by Wednesday. All without going into labor. 
No time for that right now! 

I have also been trying to set up the baby room too. I might actually feel like I am on vacation when I go to the hospital to give birth. 

Marcus has been super helpful. He took Katie camping one night at Grapevine lake.

She had the best time! 
They stayed in a tent and she slept 10 solid hours!
It was so nice to have a little break. I was in need of one, but I still teared up a little when I said bye to her. Motherhood can make you feel like you have multiple personality disorder sometimes.

I need to rest up for tomorrow. Lots of work has to be done. I am going to take extra vitamins, wear comfy shoes and pretend like I'm not 8 1/2 months pregnant!



I got my entry wall stripes finished. Finally! 
My sister helped me with the top stripe, because I am not good painting a straight line. My method is more willy nilly than that. 

The stripes were pink and cream, and now they are white and brown.  

Who knows what they will be next week?
Katie was a big help painting the white stripes. 

I like it and I'm glad it's done. Another project crossed off the list! 

Katie and Marcus were in the front yard when I was taking pictures. 
Katie wanted to show you her new baby Anna doll.
 She earned it for learning how to buckle herself in her car seat. We wanted to make sure that task was taken care of before her brother comes. 
Her car seat buckle is NOT easy, so she earned that doll!

Speaking of her brother...
We went to the doctor again today and it was all good news. My blood pressure has been good, and all my test results came back negative for eclampsia. I know it was all the prayers, because last week it was not not looking good. I did find out that I am anemic though, so I need more iron. Which equals more hamburgers. AND she told me to eat more! I have just gained 6 pounds. I think it's fine, because my baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead and growing great. And my hiney does not need to get any bigger. 

But I do like the fact that someone told me to eat more. It might be the only doctor's orders that I actually follow. Right now Marcus has a roast in the oven for tonight, so I am excited about that! 

By the way, if you are still single, be sure to find a husband that can cook. It's a nice perk!



I went to the doctor last week because my blood pressure was getting way too high. She wanted to put me in the hospital right then. 
No thanks!

I didn't test positive for eclampsia, so I got to go home, but  was put on "limited activity".

That's hard to do with a 3 year old and trying to get ready for a baby. I've got stuff to do people.

The saddest part of all, is that Marcus and I were planning on going to Canton (huge fun flea market in east tx) on Thursday and we had to miss out. 
I am sure he shed a tiny tear about that! 

I have been taking medicine since last Wednesday and it's starting to work. My BP has been good. It makes me feel tired, but I am 39, and 8 months pregnant, so tired is something I'm used to.I will get more test results this week. We are praying I can stay home until I deliver this baby boy and that it won't be TOO soon. The goal is 36 weeks. Well, the real goal is 39 weeks, but 36 would be fine. He's the size of a full grown man right now anyway...I'm pretty sure.

Marcus turned 38 1/2 on Saturday, so we had to celebrate. 
We started the day with cinnamon rolls and also had a cheeseburger at Kincaid's. 
It's all about the food!
 If you are new around here, we celebrate half birthdays in our little family. 
One birthday a year just isn't enough!

My family has helped me a lot with Katie and getting little projects done at the house this week. Nesting has kicked in, but I am not capable of doing everything. For some reason it feels like a top priority that my closet is cleaned before I have the baby? I doubt he will care, but in my  head, it HAS to get done. Oh and I should probably buy some diapers too!