Happy Campers

I haven't had the baby yet! 
And I hope I don't this week.

 It's going to be a busy one.
I am getting my own room at Golightly's! I've been wanting to do this for a long time. The timing could not be worse, but it's still exciting.

So I have been running around town like a crazy person trying to find furniture and stuff for my space. Tomorrow I have  to paint a lot of it and start painting my room too. I hope to set everything up by Wednesday. All without going into labor. 
No time for that right now! 

I have also been trying to set up the baby room too. I might actually feel like I am on vacation when I go to the hospital to give birth. 

Marcus has been super helpful. He took Katie camping one night at Grapevine lake.

She had the best time! 
They stayed in a tent and she slept 10 solid hours!
It was so nice to have a little break. I was in need of one, but I still teared up a little when I said bye to her. Motherhood can make you feel like you have multiple personality disorder sometimes.

I need to rest up for tomorrow. Lots of work has to be done. I am going to take extra vitamins, wear comfy shoes and pretend like I'm not 8 1/2 months pregnant!


Twinkle Terrior said...

You can do it Super Mommy! You have a lot of energy for 8 1/2 months preggie! I think you have just found the KEY to life ... "comfortable shoes" LOL When I was 45 I had multiple leg surgeries. I had no choice but to change things up .... once I recovered that year, I really couldn't wear heels - but comfortable shoes? WHO KNEW they make so many cute ones! God bless all of you this week! Best wishes for the room - ox

Miss G said...

You are hilarious!! I love it!! Take care of your self and that sweet baby boy and have fun!! Kelly

Sherrie said...

Sounds like all is going great. You sure are crazy fun :) with so much on your plate. Keep on going and take care of yourself!

sl said...

Congrats on your own space!! I live in KY. I wish I were close enough to visit your space. Take care of yourself and baby. The space will be there.