Open For Business

 I have my own room at Golightly's!
I moved in on Thursday. 

There's still several more things I want to do, but at least it's set up!

 I had lots of help from my family!
Marcus is spray painting chairs for me here. 

My sister and dad did lots of furniture painting. My mom and mother-in-law babysat, and my sister-in-law, Lisa, helped me display and price things. 
 Our garage has been filled with projects for a while.

The name of my business is Pinky Leigh's. 
So I incorporated some pink on the ceiling and in the built in shelves.
I think I will use those shelves for jewelry.
(and Marcus was smart and had me hire someone to paint the room! I think he was worried the baby might fall out!)

We have a new tearoom in Golightly's that just opened.
 I was so thankful! 

I ate there TWICE on Thursday as I was setting up. 
My first meal was quiche, salad and fruit at about 11:00
then at 2:30 I had a their chocolate coconut cake! YUM!

Their actual grand opening is on Tuesday, so I will take some pics and share them with you. 
We should all go eat there together!
I am hoping to have my space packed to the brim before baby boy comes!

Right now I need to focus on the MOUNTAIN of laundry that accumulated while I was ignoring my house this week. Everything is a disaster. And our oven and dishwasher broke too! It's not like the oven and I are super tight or anything, but I really need my dishwasher!


Meghan said...

Congrats on the room. It will be a success, I just know it!

Ashley Tremaine said...

I cannot wait to go see your space!! I bought one of your necklaces last week!! All of your things are cute, but this room!! OMGoodness it is AWESOME!! I'm so glad that the Tea room is finally back open! ;)

Courtney Osborne said...

I can help with that laundry. Let Blue lick those dishes clean. Charis loves doing dishes, I will send her over.

emily said...

Your shop looks fantastic. I wish I were closer! (But my wallet is probably glad I don't, ha!)

I wish you all the success...I know you'll do great.

Anne said...

Awesome space....So excited for you! Enjoy the end of your pregnancy because life is about to become very busy!

Miss G said...

you are too cute! Kelly

amberdawn said...

Looks like nesting at it's finest! LOL Soooo cute!

Tracy said...

That awesome! Wish I lived closer. Congrats and good luck, I know it will go well!

kimert said...

I absolutely love that room! congrats!!

The Howell's said...

Cant wait to shop your stuff!!

911 MOMMY said...

Beautiful room! I'm sure you'll do great! I'd love to visit but like someone else said my wallet wouldn't :)