I got my entry wall stripes finished. Finally! 
My sister helped me with the top stripe, because I am not good painting a straight line. My method is more willy nilly than that. 

The stripes were pink and cream, and now they are white and brown.  

Who knows what they will be next week?
Katie was a big help painting the white stripes. 

I like it and I'm glad it's done. Another project crossed off the list! 

Katie and Marcus were in the front yard when I was taking pictures. 
Katie wanted to show you her new baby Anna doll.
 She earned it for learning how to buckle herself in her car seat. We wanted to make sure that task was taken care of before her brother comes. 
Her car seat buckle is NOT easy, so she earned that doll!

Speaking of her brother...
We went to the doctor again today and it was all good news. My blood pressure has been good, and all my test results came back negative for eclampsia. I know it was all the prayers, because last week it was not not looking good. I did find out that I am anemic though, so I need more iron. Which equals more hamburgers. AND she told me to eat more! I have just gained 6 pounds. I think it's fine, because my baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead and growing great. And my hiney does not need to get any bigger. 

But I do like the fact that someone told me to eat more. It might be the only doctor's orders that I actually follow. Right now Marcus has a roast in the oven for tonight, so I am excited about that! 

By the way, if you are still single, be sure to find a husband that can cook. It's a nice perk!


Leslie said...

Glad to hear you are doing better. I was anemic with my second, and I had to take iron pills that were the size of tennis shoes!

sl said...

Love your blog. Katie is the cutest! So glad you got a good report. Take caare of yourself and that little boy. Relax and rest. I know it is hard when you have so many things to do before he arrives. Praying for you and baby boy.

Miss G said...

AMEN about a husband who can cook!! It is the best thing ever!! I hope all continues to go well! I remember when Cora had lost weight at her 6 month well visit and it was suggested that I eat higher fat foods. um . . . okay! :) If only I could eat dairy that would be a whole lot easier!

So, I "happened" to mention to David that Mama's friend's little girl *who is younger than him* learned to buckle her carseat all by herself and she got a prize . . . I can tell it is sinking in because tonight at dinner he informed Daddy about this amazing fact. I hope those little wheels are turning! Kelly

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Um, you gained 6 lbs between doctor visits or you've only gained 6 lbs the entire pregnancy? If the latter is the case, I'm confused. I gained 60 with each pregnancy. Holy Moly! lol