3 Weeks

 Today is Jesse's due date. I'm thankful the birthing part of this journey is already behind me!

We picked up a swing from a friend yesterday. I'm hoping it will be my solution to getting a little more sleep.

Katie asked why her brother had a cloud on his bottom? 
It's a bunny tail! 

If you're a mom, you recognize this face.
That's a mouth looking for some milk.
I see this face WAY too often. 
In fact, Marcus had to run to the store at 4 am to get some formula. I couldn't keep up!

I tell him all the time, "It's a good thing you're cute!"


Someone is 66, but I Won't Say Who!

Today is my mom's birthday! 

 It was Jesse's first birthday party. 

My dad hired my niece to make the birthday cake! She's my niece on Marcus's side, but we are all one big happy family! 

Isn't it awesome?! She's just 14. Soon to be 15.

Those are the grand kids. And balls of yarn, because my mom crochets. 


Morgan's friend Kimberly joined us for dinner too! She's part of the family also! 
Cake time is Katie's favorite part of a birthday! 

 And I am a little behind on these other pictures, but I didn't want to forget!
My Senior girls Sunday School class had a little baby shower for me. 
It happened to be the day before I went into the hospital. 
Perfect timing!
Aren't they cute?! I've missed them the past couple of weeks.

The cake was delicious! 

 And I have to share all my friends holding the new baby!
This is Paige and Harlowe.

Katie stayed at Courtney's one day when I had a doctor's appointment. 
She LOVES to play over there. When we came to pick her up, she and Charis were dressed as princesses. So cute!

And Marcus always has to do the tickle bug! 

I always dream about moving to a cute little town, or maybe the beach, but I can't leave all these wonderful people in my life!


Happy Easter

I hope you all had a Happy Easter! 
I love chocolate bunnies and jelly beans, but it's really all about Jesus. He loves you so much, he died for your sins, so you can go to Heaven. There is nothing you can do, or have to do to earn it.
 Just believe!

We had both our families here for lunch after church. Marcus made some delicious BBQ!

My niece, Melissa, made some super cute cupcakes! 

I was thankful all my Easter decorations got put up before I went to the hospital. I didn't have any diapers yet, but I made sure my bunnies were out!

Katie got started on the chocolate early!

Family of four!
Marcus still hasn't gone back to work yet, so he hasn't shaved in a while. And he won't until he HAS to!

All the cousins. 

My parents and their grands:

Marcus's parents and their grands:

Showing off their loot after the egg hunt. 
It was supposed to rain and we were blessed with the best weather! 

I took these pictures on Saturday. Katie loves to hold her brother. 
She is a proud big sister! 
She smiles this way just for him! 
I'm thankful for my sweet and healthy kids. Thankful for my family and in-laws, thankful for Easter candy, and most thankful for Jesus and the promise of Heaven!


How I Got My Baby

 On Sunday night the 30th, my blood pressure got super high. 
And I didn't feel well at all. I called my sister to come over, because Marcus was at the fire station. It ended up getting so high, that I called him to come home. Thankfully my sister and her kids helped me clean my house and get ready for a baby. We knew I would probably have to go to the hospital.

I already had a doctor's appointment the next day.
We dropped Katie off at my mother in law's house. And we got a last "family of 3" picture! 
 Sure enough, the doctor sent me to the hospital. I had a few hours to get some things done before I had to check in. So Marcus and I went to lunch and I got my nails and toes done! Priorities!

So I went in the hospital on March 31st. I was really hoping to not have an April Fool's baby. 
They wanted to wait to take the baby until Thursday April 3rd because that is when he would be 37 weeks. And that is considered full term. I got 2 steroid shots to help his lungs develop.
Katie has never spent the night without one of us home with her. I have only been apart from her for 24 hours at the most! And just a few times! So we were both having some separation sadness. My mom stayed with her at our house. And other relatives played with her during the day too. I'm so thankful for my family. Every time Katie left after visiting, we would both cry. I'm tearing up now thinking about it. She did so great though! 
 Marcus stayed with me at the hospital, because we never knew if they would decide last minute to take the baby if my BP got too high. I needed him there for that!

I also needed him to make a run to Target the morning of delivery, because I needed some water proof mascara! That was his first mascara purchase! 

So I made it to the 3rd and had a c-section scheduled for 11:30. 
I can't tell you how much I didn't want to do it. I am a giant baby and I was scared!
I told Marcus I felt like I was going up a scary roller coaster and I wanted OFF! 

I nearly went into panic mode. I had lots of friends praying for me. So I thought, either I trust God or I don't. I was praying to be calm and for everything to go well. For us both to be safe and healthy. So if I was praying that, and friends were praying that, then I had to believe it would be the truth. I trust God. So I decided not to say anything else negative. I kept saying, this is going to be so quick and easy! Fake it til you make it people!

When you walk into the operating room, it looks like a scary alien space ship. It's not warm and welcoming. BUT the nurses and anesthesiologist were! They were the sweetest and made things better.
Things went super smooth and quick!
I had Jesse at 12:04 pm
He was 6 lbs 11oz 
19 3/4 inches

And he cried a big cry when he came out!  
His lungs were fine and he was perfectly healthy. Thank you God. 
Honestly, the first time I heard him cry, was the first time it REALLY hit me that I was having a baby.
I have been so focused on getting things ready and then the scary surgery, that baby wasn't on my radar. 

And honestly, after 2 miscarriages, I just had to see it to believe it. I didn't let myself get too attached before he was here. I don't think that's right, but that's how I felt.
I'm attached now!

Right after they cleaned him up. 
I got to hold him and feed him in the recovery room. 

Our whole family was waiting to meet him. 
My sister made this cute wreath for our door.

Katie got to meet him first. She was so excited. She bought him this alligator on the way to the hospital.

She has been the best and sweetest big sister!

Right after I delivered they had to start me on magnesium. They do that when your BP is high, because it helps prevent a stroke or a seizure. While I didn't want either of those things, the magnesium was clearly manufactured by the devil. It makes you feel awful!

Our visitors:
Here are my mom and dad meeting Jesse. 
Nonni and Grampy

Marcus's parents.
Annie and Poppa

Marcus's sister, Pam. And our nieces, Melissa and Jennifer

Our nephew, Jeddy. 

His dad, and Marcus's brother, David.

Sister in law, Lisa

My friend, Laura, and her son Alden.

Katie came to visit everyday and she was sometimes dressed in character. This day she was Jessie from Toy Story.

My nephew, Ryan.

My niece, Morgan.

My oldest friend, Kara. I guess I should say, longest friend. 
32 years!

On Sunday I was supposed to go home, but my BP was still too high, so they made me stay another day. I cried. I was ready to be home with Katie. We had already been gone a week. So I sent Marcus home to spend time with her. 

Thankfully my friend Anna came up for a visit. The day was actually enjoyable and relaxing. Marcus stayed home that night and the nurses were good about helping me with whatever I needed.

Still swollen and puffy, but I have to share pictures of this baby's momma too! I had to give him some formula, because the magnesium made my milk come in slower.
Now he is 2 weeks old. And all that I went through was totally worth it! 
I am super glad I don't have to do it again though!