3 Weeks

 Today is Jesse's due date. I'm thankful the birthing part of this journey is already behind me!

We picked up a swing from a friend yesterday. I'm hoping it will be my solution to getting a little more sleep.

Katie asked why her brother had a cloud on his bottom? 
It's a bunny tail! 

If you're a mom, you recognize this face.
That's a mouth looking for some milk.
I see this face WAY too often. 
In fact, Marcus had to run to the store at 4 am to get some formula. I couldn't keep up!

I tell him all the time, "It's a good thing you're cute!"


donna said...

Could not be cuter! I think Katie is right. It does look more like a cloud than a bunny tail.

Sara Lynn said...

That sure is one adorable little bunny!

Christine said...

Such a cutie! I had baby #2 six months ago and it's great now, but it was quite a transition! I found the book, 'Mom's On Call' very helpful! Best of luck...and for what it's worth, I kind of miss the middle of the night snuggle/feeding time, although I sure looooove my sleep!