Someone is 66, but I Won't Say Who!

Today is my mom's birthday! 

 It was Jesse's first birthday party. 

My dad hired my niece to make the birthday cake! She's my niece on Marcus's side, but we are all one big happy family! 

Isn't it awesome?! She's just 14. Soon to be 15.

Those are the grand kids. And balls of yarn, because my mom crochets. 


Morgan's friend Kimberly joined us for dinner too! She's part of the family also! 
Cake time is Katie's favorite part of a birthday! 

 And I am a little behind on these other pictures, but I didn't want to forget!
My Senior girls Sunday School class had a little baby shower for me. 
It happened to be the day before I went into the hospital. 
Perfect timing!
Aren't they cute?! I've missed them the past couple of weeks.

The cake was delicious! 

 And I have to share all my friends holding the new baby!
This is Paige and Harlowe.

Katie stayed at Courtney's one day when I had a doctor's appointment. 
She LOVES to play over there. When we came to pick her up, she and Charis were dressed as princesses. So cute!

And Marcus always has to do the tickle bug! 

I always dream about moving to a cute little town, or maybe the beach, but I can't leave all these wonderful people in my life!


kimert said...

And now I want cake! Those are awesome cakes. Your niece has a real talent!

Erin K said...

Dude! You are super mom! I can't find time to blog with 1 5 year old and you have 2 and one is a newborn. I'm such a slacker. Happy birthday Donna! Her cake was beautiful. Almost too pretty to eat!

donna said...

Thanks Erin. I thought the same thing about the cake but it was DEE- LiCIOUS! You are right about her being a Super Mom too. I couldn't believe Dina wanted to have Easter at her house.