The Weekend

 This was our first real weekend as a family of four.
It went well!

Actually, right now everyday is our weekend, because Marcus has a month off of work!
He has hardly used any sick days in the last 16 years at the fire station, so he gets to use them as paternity leave. I am so grateful. And it really is needed since I had a c-section, and I am still dealing with blood pressure issues. 

We love having him home and I am brainstorming ideas to keep him here. Winning the lottery is all I have come up with so far.
  The only downside to him not going to work, is that he is not shaving either. It's a small price to pay! 

We had to get Jesse some newborn clothes, because even 0-3 month outfits were swallowing him up. I know he will chunk up real quick.

On Saturday we ran some errands and went out to eat. I was starving all the time while pregnant, but it doesn't even compare to the starving I feel now while nursing. I wish an all you can eat buffet would just follow me around!

Jesse slept through his first restaurant experience.

Then we went to an egg hunt!

Katie was so excited! They did the countdown, 3, 2, 1 and she ran to get some eggs and got scared and turned back to her daddy for some help! So glad I got it on video!

 We met Drew there. Charis had an ear infection and we missed her.

They had to sample their loot.

And Stephen got to meet Jesse for the first time.

I'm still sleepy, but I am trying to enjoy these days of newborness, because I know it passes quickly! My kids will be off to college before I know it. 

Then I will take a giant nap! 


Nicole said...

A nap when they go to college … HA! Then you will be up all night trying to figure out how you are going to handle a wedding .. which is what I am getting ready to do! Your napping days are over, sister. :)

Sara Lynn said...

Jesse is absolutely adorable!

emily said...

So glad y'all are doing well! A month off is wonderful. I'm sure Katie is the best big sister too!

Miss G said...

Paternity leave is SUCH a blessing!!!! Enjoy you four! Kelly