Jewelry For Sale!

Do you need some retail therapy? Or maybe a graduation gift or something to wear to a party?

Shop til you drop!
Just leave a comment with the # and description of the item you want, along with your email address. 
I will send you a pay pal invoice. Once it's paid, your treasure will be sent to you! 
I will be adding $4 for shipping costs.

Items range from $7 to $25.

1. multi strand necklace $25 sold

All these statement necklaces are $20 each. 

2.rectangle turquoise necklace and earrings

3. rectangle blue/turquoise/green necklace and earrings

4. salmon/coral necklace and earrings sold

5. turquoise necklace and earrings

6. pink and crystal necklace and earrings

7. orange and pink necklace and earrings 

8. bright colors necklace and earrings sold
(I LOVE this one!)

9. matte gold and mint green necklace

10. pearl, turquoise, and red necklace and earrings

11. pink and coral necklace and earrings
All the chain lengths are adjustable on these necklaces!

12. (I have 5 3of these) minty green/turquoise-ish metal filigree earrings.$7
They are super light weight
Here's a closer picture

 I love these leather wristlets. 
I gave them for graduation gifts last year.
They are great for running errands when you don't want to haul your whole purse.
So it can be your wallet, with room for more if you need it. 

They are $20
13.hot pink
14.white sold
15.gold sold
16.green sold
18.light red/salmon (bottom right)
Here's an inside look at the wristlet. Room for change, credit cards, lip gloss, your phone and more.

And these are a little bit bigger than the wristlets. 
They come with either a wristlet strap or a long strap so it can be used as a cross body purse. 
They are $24.
They have 2 zippers on one side and 1 on the other side. There is also a zipper pouch inside.  
20.hot pink
21.light pink/coral
22.turquoise sold


I'm a little bit addicted to headbands right now! 
These are seed bead headbands. They are stretchy
from left to right 
They are $10 each
23. green/pink headband
24. chevron headband
25. triangles headband
26.yellow/blue squares headband

here's a closer look at the beads.

More stretchy headbands:
 27. turquoise and orange beads $12
28. turquoise $14
29. coral $14
30. antique cream with gold beads $12
31. antique cream with rhinestones $12
 here's a closer look:

Both of these earrings are real stones.
The green ones I have sold before and they are always out of stock, so I was thankful to snatch up this pair.

32. green earrings $25
33. blue topaz earrings $20

34.  turquoise and coral earrings $8
35. yellow and pink earrings $8

36. yellow and white daisy earrings $9
37. yellow and blue daisy earrings $9

38. coral and gold earrings $8 sold
39. turquoise and gold earrings $8

40. teardrop earrings $9
41. pink/gold earrings $9 sold

42. gold earrings $8 sold
43. silver earrings $8 sold

44. pink/orange earrings $9
45. turquoise/green earrings $9

46.white metal earrings $7 sold
47.pink/gold earrings $15

48.mint and gold earrings $7 sold
49.starfish earrings $7

50.coral clover earrings $9
51.ivory and matte gold earrings $9

Just leave a comment with the # and description of the item you want, along with your email address. 
I will send you a pay pal invoice. Once it's paid, your treasure will be sent to you! 
I will be adding $4 for shipping costs. 

Happy Shopping! 



My mom and I went to The Dallas World Trade Center today. I had to get more jewelry to sell at Golightly's. It's been going quick!

I found LOTS of fun things.
 I really want to keep all of it!
I'm going to put some things for sale on the blog tomorrow. 
Just wanted to give you a heads up! 

I wish you all could just come over and shop! It would be easier than taking pictures of everything. And more fun too!


Happy Summer

We started summer already! 
(whenever I say the word summer now, I can hear Olaf singing, "In Summer!")

Katie's last day of school was on Tuesday.
We are both going to miss it!

This was her first day of school this year. 
She has grown so much. I have to buy her size 5 clothes now, because she has gotten so tall. That's not something she inherited from me.

She will be in Pre-K next year. Then it will be time for kindergarten. I can hardly think about that!


Friday Night Fireworks started this weekend! 

Marcus had to work, but my parents came with us.
It was Jesse's first time to see fireworks. 
 He wasn't all that impressed.

I have never been skilled at taking pictures of fireworks, but here is proof that we saw some! 

Saturday night we went to Six Flags and got season passes! 
We had lots of fun at Disney World, so we thought this would be a cheaper and almost as fun option.
Katie loved it! 
They had several little kid rides for her. And for me too, because I am kind of a chicken! 

This could easily become the summer of "The Baby", so I am trying to plan fun things for Katie. I'm going to sign her up for gymnastics and a princess class at our rec center. And she will take swimming lessons too!  She will have a well rounded education this summer!

Jesse is going to take a Spanish and a painting class. 
Just kidding. 
I really want to sign him up for the Sleeping through the night class! 

 My cousin got him this onesie with all his stats on it. 
So cute!

And I had to get a picture of his "sleeping hands".
When he's really in a good deep sleep, his hands are open and in the air. 
We went to a graduation party tonight and I didn't see him for 30 minutes, because he got passed around to everyone. He's very cuddly and loves to be held! I was happy to let other people do the holding while I ate some chocolate cake!

Now I need to go to sleep while his sleeping hands are still up! It doesn't last long enough!


Friends Update

 Here's an update on some friends I mentioned before. 

It's happy news and sad news:

 My friend, Catherine, just adopted this sweet baby on Friday! She and her husband are foster parents and have had Zoe since she was brand new. Now she's theirs to keep. I'm so happy for their family!

My friend, Atticus, is running for Tarrant County judge.  
He got the most votes in the primary election, but needed 51% to win. There were 4 candidates, so that was hard to do. Now he's in the run off election with one other guy.

 Early voting started today! 

 Some things you need to know: 

*There are two candidates in the run-off race for County Criminal Court 2.  Atticus is the ONLY candidate with any Judicial experience.  
*Atticus Gill won the most votes in the primary. (And he won the Tarrant County Conservative straw poll, and has been voted "Top Attorney" by his fellow attorneys-FTW Magazine, Dec 2013 issue.)

*Atticus is supported by almost every conservative group.  

*Atticus Gill is passionate about making a difference in the lives of PEOPLE.  This is not just a job, but an opportunity to meet people at a low point and help them make choices that will keep them from being "part of the system" for the rest of their lives.  

In the past I never voted in the smaller elections and surely not in the run off elections. I'm sad to say I just didn't pay attention. It's our civic duty to vote when we can! 
It's a privilege. Please vote!

 And I also told you about sweet Bennett Coleman. 
He had cancer and sadly, died at the end of April. He was just 21 months old.
Please pray for his parents and family. 

You can read their blog here
You will be BLESSED by their joy and faithfulness in the midst of this nightmare.

 I think of their family often when I am struggling with my sleepless nights with a newborn. I can't complain. Sometimes I still do...but I just need to be grateful. 

Some happy news and some sad news, but God's in control of all of it!


Mama Mia

I celebrated Mother's day for several days! 
That's how I like to do things.
Katie had a Mother's Day Tea at school on Thursday. 
It was so special!
They had cute tables set up and the kids' pictures were hanging on the back of the chairs. 

They circled the room and sang us songs. 
Katie LOVES to perform!
Her teacher told me that she would get sad sometimes during music time when they would sing songs about mom, because then it reminded her that she wanted her mommy!  Poor thing!
I dropped Jesse off at my mother in law's house, so I could focus on my first born. We had a great time! 

Katie and her BFF, Charis:

On Friday Marcus and I took our moms to eat at the tearoom in Golightly's.
Katie was so happy to have both of them there. She walked them in holding both their hands, and announced, "My Grandmas are here!"

A picture of the boys:

Katie got her own tea pot of pink lemonade and she was in Heaven! 

The food was SO good! 

On Saturday morning I had a helper at the grocery store. 
Katie brought her own shopping cart with her. And her own baby. Who had to be burped several times by the way. 

That night we went out to eat! 
On Sunday we had baby dedication at church. Of course I don't have a single picture of that! Thankfully the church took some pictures! Our whole family came and we took up an entire pew! 

Then we had lunch at David and Lisa's (Marcus's brother and our sister in law)

I'm thankful to be their mommy:

Marcus's mom and her grand kids:
from 5 weeks old to 20 years old! 

And with her kids. Marcus is the baby. A BIG baby! 

I forgot to mention the best part! Marcus let me sleep in the guest room one night and he took over baby duty! I think we might make that a once a week tradition. It was wonderful! 

I miss getting to sleep all night, I miss watching what I want on TV, having alone time, going to the bathroom by myself, not having spit up on my shirt, and several other things, but the trade off is completely worth it! 

I'm so grateful God chose me to be Katie and Jesse's mom.  
They were worth the wait!