1 Month

 I met this baby 1 month ago.
  Really 1 month and 1 day ago, but having 2 kids is making me behind on everything!

My family has been so helpful. 
My mom came by yesterday and took Katie and Jesse for a walk. 
Katie is walking her baby "Eagle". Not sure where she picked that name up? 

My plan is to take all Jesse's monthly pictures in this chair. (borrowed from my friend Courtney!
That bag on the floor is from my hospital stay! I still haven't unpacked everything.
That's kind of ridiculous! 
 (the Fancy Nancy book on top isn't mine!)

I didn't pose him like this. Jesse almost always has an arm or 2 by his face. 
Don't you want to bit those cheeks off? Or is it just me? 
 I have a million other things I need to blog about, but I also have a million hours of sleep to catch up on... so that wins right now.


The Andlers said...

my daughter got twin baby dolls when she was 2.5 and their names are eagle and Jeagle. not sure where they came from either.

Angie said...

Adorable. Congrats. My husbands grandfather used to say that when babies kept their hands up they were happy!!

Twinkle Terrior said...

I've always thought Katie has your smile !! And in this picture...Baby Jesse looks like your hubby! so sweet !!! Get some rest Momma ox