Mama Mia

I celebrated Mother's day for several days! 
That's how I like to do things.
Katie had a Mother's Day Tea at school on Thursday. 
It was so special!
They had cute tables set up and the kids' pictures were hanging on the back of the chairs. 

They circled the room and sang us songs. 
Katie LOVES to perform!
Her teacher told me that she would get sad sometimes during music time when they would sing songs about mom, because then it reminded her that she wanted her mommy!  Poor thing!
I dropped Jesse off at my mother in law's house, so I could focus on my first born. We had a great time! 

Katie and her BFF, Charis:

On Friday Marcus and I took our moms to eat at the tearoom in Golightly's.
Katie was so happy to have both of them there. She walked them in holding both their hands, and announced, "My Grandmas are here!"

A picture of the boys:

Katie got her own tea pot of pink lemonade and she was in Heaven! 

The food was SO good! 

On Saturday morning I had a helper at the grocery store. 
Katie brought her own shopping cart with her. And her own baby. Who had to be burped several times by the way. 

That night we went out to eat! 
On Sunday we had baby dedication at church. Of course I don't have a single picture of that! Thankfully the church took some pictures! Our whole family came and we took up an entire pew! 

Then we had lunch at David and Lisa's (Marcus's brother and our sister in law)

I'm thankful to be their mommy:

Marcus's mom and her grand kids:
from 5 weeks old to 20 years old! 

And with her kids. Marcus is the baby. A BIG baby! 

I forgot to mention the best part! Marcus let me sleep in the guest room one night and he took over baby duty! I think we might make that a once a week tradition. It was wonderful! 

I miss getting to sleep all night, I miss watching what I want on TV, having alone time, going to the bathroom by myself, not having spit up on my shirt, and several other things, but the trade off is completely worth it! 

I'm so grateful God chose me to be Katie and Jesse's mom.  
They were worth the wait!


Leah PS said...

You are so skinny Dina! And your kids are too cute. Happy belated Mother's Day.

Brooklynn said...

Such a cute post. I'm glad you had a great Mother's Day weekend!