Red, White and Betty

Can you believe it will be July tomorrow? 
Time flies when you're having fun! 

I'm actually going to share another recipe with you!
That's twice in one month people. Someone take a picture of this big event.

I was looking at the Betty Crocker website one day trying to find a meatball recipe.
(I'm Italian, and it's a crying shame that I don't know how to make meatballs!)

When I was there I found these mini cheeseburger pies. 
You can see the recipe here

I made some and they were delicious. I wish I took a picture of mine, because Betty's picture has ketchup and mustard on them. And that makes me want to talk to Ralph on the big white phone. 
(do you remember that saying? If not, it means to barf. I know my mom was thinking Who is Ralph?!)
I am morally against almost all condiments. Blech! So pretend like these little burgers are nekkid.
They were so easy to make and I think they would be perfect 
for a 4th of July party. So I had to share! 

I'm a little behind on life right now. So all my 4th stuff didn't get put up yet. 
So here are some pics from last year...

Here's to a great July! 
May it be Fun, Festive, and void of condiments!



Some Things You Need To Know About

My friend Melissa's son, Will Roth, is going to be on Rising Star tonight on ABC. You can download the app and help "raise the wall" for him! His Facebook page is here. 

Here are his cute parents. I know they are so proud!

And  you also need to know about this yummy soap from Bath and Body Works! 
I usually don't pick any scents with a flower on it, but this one's good. It also has a peach and pear scent in it. 

I liked the soap, but not the candle?

And you REALLY need to get some of this coconut fudge ice cream! I know not everyone can get Blue Bell and I'm sorry for that, but this is heavenly! 

That's all. 
I will be sure to share any other pearls of wisdom with you if I happen upon them!


Today and Yesterday Too

 This baby is lucky he's cute!
I have to change my clothes about 4 times a day due to different bodily fluids of his.
 I should just wear a poncho!
 Look! He's got my chins!

 When I was taking this picture of Jesse, Katie stood on the hearth of the fireplace and was saying, "Peppa! Peppa!" 
Um....What are you doing Katie? 
"I just want to talk to her! Why won't she talk to me?!"
She's in her bathing suit, because we were about to go swimming at my sister's house. And her cheeks are peeking out, because this is last year's bathing suit! 

Anyway, Peppa never answered. What a pig! 
( I do remember thinking little singing people lived inside my radio as a kid, so I get it.)

We did have fun at Aunt Kelly's though! 

About 4 hours of swimming made for an early bed time tonight! 

Yesterday we had our Donut Friday donuts delivered to us by my friend Michelle and her cute kids!
This sad thing about this picture is that my kid is saying "DONUTS!" as I'm taking this picture and the other 2 normal kids are thinking, why is this lady taking a picture of us eating? 
Katie has had a donut picture taken just about every Friday of her life! 

This is a terrible picture, but I wanted to remember a fun night!
Last night Grease was playing at an old theater in downtown Grapevine.
We had the best time. 
And you could get drinks, candy and popcorn for $1 each! Normally you have to mortgage your house for movie snacks. I think we might go see Goonies in August!

Both my kids are in bed and I want to do the same, but we have Sunday lunch here tomorrow. Soooo, I need to ignore the fact that I am domestically challenged and get a roast in the crock pot, fold some clothes and clean some toilets.


The Right Season

I feel like I need to talk about something summerish since I busted out the Christmas pictures yesterday.

I did have a dream last week that I had Marcus take down ALL my Christmas stuff from the attic, because I was going to decorate early. Then half way through decorating I got kind of embarrassed. It's not even August yet! Maybe this is a liiiitle too early?! Marcus didn't want to put it back in the attic, so he assured me it was fine!

I promise to wait until after Halloween. 

Anywhoo...My wreath on my front door had seen better days, so I kicked it to the curb. 
BUT did you know decent looking wreaths are muy expensive?! So I used what I had.

I had this cross forever. It just needed to be painted. I have a thing for stripes, so it got striped.

It goes with my house numbers. 
I will take a picture of the whole house when I get my flower situation looking good.

 Also, every summer I share my lemonade pie recipe. 
 I'm not known for my cooking so I just repeat the same recipe every year. 
Stick with what you know.
I always make 2 pies at a time.
1 large container of cool whip
1 can of frozen lemonade or limeaid
2 cans of eagle brand milk
2 pie crusts

Mix the cool whip and eagle brand, then stir in the frozen lemonade.
Pour into the already baked pie crusts and freeze!
I would make it the day before you need it, so it's nice and frozen.  
It's super simple. 
And you have one for you and one for a friend. Or both for you if you want. I won't tell!  


Do You Hear Jingle Bells?

If you have hung around here for anytime at all, then you know we celebrate half birthdays in this house.

Well today is Jesus's half birthday!
Only 6 months until Christmas people! 

 Don't worry. I haven't started decorating yet
This is all old news...



Katie and I met my sister and her kids at the mall last Friday. When we got there Katie told me she wanted to get her ears pierced! Marcus and I had discussed it in the past and we both agreed that she could do when it was her decision. 
SO, she decided!
I thought she would change her mind when it was time to sit in the chair. 

She still wanted to do it. I had a stomach ache. 
Only one girl was working there at the time, so she couldn't do both ears at once. 

After the first one, Katie said, "I think I just want one earring." 
Sorry kid, you have to do it again. 
I had to hold her head still, but she didn't cry at all! 
She was so brave!

I was so relieved when it was over. This is me saying in my high pitched it's going to be OK mommy voice, "You are so big! Let's go show your Annie and Nonni! Do you want a pretzel? Let's go get a pretzel!" 
Now I need to get a good shot of her with her earrings in! 
She loves them and she hasn't complained about them hurting at all. It's been easy peasy. Now when we see someone, Katie usually greets them with an ear first. Like HEY! Look at my earrings! 

Even though Marcus approved, he was a little sad. He thinks she's too grown up now. And he was a little sad that he wasn't there. I told him he could take her for her belly button piercing one day. 
He doesn't think I'm funny?!

And our baby Jesse is a big boy, because he wore shoes for the first time. So cute! 
 And he turned 11 weeks old last Thursday!
He is starting to smile and laugh a lot. 
It's so fun! 
I'll be honest, from age 1 month to 2 months wasn't much fun. He was gassy and could never be put down. And didn't really sleep much...unless he was being held! I still loved him tons, but now I feel like he might love me too!


Father's Day

Katie and Jesse have such a great dad.

He plays and plays and plays with Katie Belle. He's on the trampoline with her everyday, takes her to the park often, or to ride her bike, watches cartoons with her, plays instruments and sings songs, blows bubbles, reads books WAY longer than I ever would, swings her, plays tennis, t-ball, and hungry hungry hippos. 
Jesse gets to take naps on his dad on his days off. He changes diapers and does some middle of the night feedings too. 

The best thing Marcus does for his kids is seek God's will for our family daily.
 And he is VERY good to their mom. 
We can't forget all the cooking he does for us too!
We are blessed for sure! 

I have a Godfather, Paul, that I take a picture for most years, because I am too much of a procrastinator to send a card on time!

After church today we went to my in laws for lunch.
This is Marcus's dad, Poppa, with the grand kids. Jesse was hungry so had to eat during picture time! 
One reason Marcus is such a good dad, is because he had a great example growing up.

I have a great dad too! 
That's the reason I was wise enough to marry the right guy. 
I'm so thankful for my family. 


2 Months and A Name

Jesse Bryant is 2 months old...plus a week. 
Bryant is my dad's middle name and it was his dad's middle name too!
He is 11 pounds and 5 oz now.


He is super cuddly. And LOVES to be held.  ALL. THE. TIME!
 It's a bit of a problem, but I am sure it's something that won't last forever. I doubt I will have a 15 year old on my hip one day! 
He is starting to smile and it's so fun.
 I still have not fully realized I have a son yet.
 It's crazy and maybe I'm a little slow.

Nobody loves this boy more than Katie. 
She is so sweet to him, She also still mentions she would like a little sister too. 
Sorry, kid, not happening.  

Katie calls him brother, so that's pretty much what I call him too.  Jesse is still growing on me. (the name, not the baby) Marcus picked it and just KNEW it was his name. I didn't love that it can be a girl name too. We prayed about it. Picking someone's name is a BIG deal. The next day Marcus was reading his Bible in Isaiah and it was all about the root of Jesse. He was the father of King David and the great great great great grandfather to Jesus. 

I still wasn't convinced. Then the next day I had like 3 Jesse things brought up in my day. Nope, not convinced. I'm hard headed. Then I prayed again, God if you really want his name to be Jesse, make it clear to me. Then that day my friend Paige called and said, Jesse keeps coming up in conversations. I think his name should be Jesse! (all my friends weren't feeling the name Jesse either!) Then that week each of them, separately, called or emailed to say his name should be Jesse. They felt like they "knew" Jesse Watson. 

So Jesse is his name.And his name means "Gift". 
What is more fitting than that? 
We lost 2 babies before Jesse. 
He's a gift. A very unexpected, healthy, adorable gift.

I really am excited to see how many ways he will prove to be a gift to this world in his lifetime!



We are having a fun summer so far... 

We celebrated National Donut Day. Did you?
We pretty much celebrate it every Friday. 

Katie finished her donut before I could get a picture!

 Katie went to 6 Flags with Marcus and his sister and our niece, Melissa, on Sunday night. They had a great time and Katie is a little dare devil. She's not afraid of any ride!

 She wasn't afraid of this corn dog either! Marcus got it for them to share, but she ate the whole thing herself! 1 foot of corn dog! Corn dogs make me want to vomit, but more power to her!
 While they were gone, I cleaned out Katie's room! I know, fun right?! (My mother in law had Jesse so I was super productive!)I got rid of 2 trash bags and a box of stuff. It felt good. 

Katie's been asking me to sleep in her room, so I did that night. The boys had their own slumber party. I got the better end of the deal, because Katie sleeps all night. Her brother...not so much!
 She "read" me a story before bed. And we always read The Jesus Storybook Bible too.

 Katie, Charis and Drew started swim lessons tonight! They did great.
 These are Katie's surrogate siblings. I thought she would be an only child, so she needed them!
She has a brother now, but they are still family.

I think good friends are such a treasure. They will always be apart of each others lives. 

Katie and Charis had the same Easter dress this year. Crazy. Courtney and I got them 2 months apart, at 2 different places. We didn't even know it! The colors are a little different, but other than that, identical.
They have the same shoes too!

We took the girls to Let's Pretend on Saturday!
Its' a fun dress up place for little girls. They got their hair, some make up and nails done. 

We also got cupcakes and strawberry tea! 
It was a fun afternoon. Before we know it, we will be shopping for prom dresses! 

I teach the senior girls Sunday School class at church, so I am reminded of what's to come, all the time.

I have been to 6 graduation parties in the last week. FUN!
They all have had amazing dessert tables, so Katie has totally enjoyed going with me!

And Jesse is still here too! He turned 2 months old last week and deserves his very own post!
He is the reason I can just blog about once a week. It's hard to type when you're holding a baby. And this baby is a big fan of being held!