2 Months and A Name

Jesse Bryant is 2 months old...plus a week. 
Bryant is my dad's middle name and it was his dad's middle name too!
He is 11 pounds and 5 oz now.


He is super cuddly. And LOVES to be held.  ALL. THE. TIME!
 It's a bit of a problem, but I am sure it's something that won't last forever. I doubt I will have a 15 year old on my hip one day! 
He is starting to smile and it's so fun.
 I still have not fully realized I have a son yet.
 It's crazy and maybe I'm a little slow.

Nobody loves this boy more than Katie. 
She is so sweet to him, She also still mentions she would like a little sister too. 
Sorry, kid, not happening.  

Katie calls him brother, so that's pretty much what I call him too.  Jesse is still growing on me. (the name, not the baby) Marcus picked it and just KNEW it was his name. I didn't love that it can be a girl name too. We prayed about it. Picking someone's name is a BIG deal. The next day Marcus was reading his Bible in Isaiah and it was all about the root of Jesse. He was the father of King David and the great great great great grandfather to Jesus. 

I still wasn't convinced. Then the next day I had like 3 Jesse things brought up in my day. Nope, not convinced. I'm hard headed. Then I prayed again, God if you really want his name to be Jesse, make it clear to me. Then that day my friend Paige called and said, Jesse keeps coming up in conversations. I think his name should be Jesse! (all my friends weren't feeling the name Jesse either!) Then that week each of them, separately, called or emailed to say his name should be Jesse. They felt like they "knew" Jesse Watson. 

So Jesse is his name.And his name means "Gift". 
What is more fitting than that? 
We lost 2 babies before Jesse. 
He's a gift. A very unexpected, healthy, adorable gift.

I really am excited to see how many ways he will prove to be a gift to this world in his lifetime!


Twinkle Terrior said...

2 sweet kiddos ... and the same sweet smile :)

Alicia {Murry Mayhem} said...

What a cutie pie he is!

Kasey said...

What a sweet smile! The "timber" picture made me laugh. So funny. : )