Father's Day

Katie and Jesse have such a great dad.

He plays and plays and plays with Katie Belle. He's on the trampoline with her everyday, takes her to the park often, or to ride her bike, watches cartoons with her, plays instruments and sings songs, blows bubbles, reads books WAY longer than I ever would, swings her, plays tennis, t-ball, and hungry hungry hippos. 
Jesse gets to take naps on his dad on his days off. He changes diapers and does some middle of the night feedings too. 

The best thing Marcus does for his kids is seek God's will for our family daily.
 And he is VERY good to their mom. 
We can't forget all the cooking he does for us too!
We are blessed for sure! 

I have a Godfather, Paul, that I take a picture for most years, because I am too much of a procrastinator to send a card on time!

After church today we went to my in laws for lunch.
This is Marcus's dad, Poppa, with the grand kids. Jesse was hungry so had to eat during picture time! 
One reason Marcus is such a good dad, is because he had a great example growing up.

I have a great dad too! 
That's the reason I was wise enough to marry the right guy. 
I'm so thankful for my family. 


Twinkle Terrior said...

such a gorgeous family -- on a side note...your hair is amazing !!! You look awesome Mama Dina oxox

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful family! You look fantastic!

Brooklynn said...

#1. Your hair is GORGEOUS longer. I love it. And might be a little jealous! #2. Looks like you guys are great. That's so awesome!!!!