We are having a fun summer so far... 

We celebrated National Donut Day. Did you?
We pretty much celebrate it every Friday. 

Katie finished her donut before I could get a picture!

 Katie went to 6 Flags with Marcus and his sister and our niece, Melissa, on Sunday night. They had a great time and Katie is a little dare devil. She's not afraid of any ride!

 She wasn't afraid of this corn dog either! Marcus got it for them to share, but she ate the whole thing herself! 1 foot of corn dog! Corn dogs make me want to vomit, but more power to her!
 While they were gone, I cleaned out Katie's room! I know, fun right?! (My mother in law had Jesse so I was super productive!)I got rid of 2 trash bags and a box of stuff. It felt good. 

Katie's been asking me to sleep in her room, so I did that night. The boys had their own slumber party. I got the better end of the deal, because Katie sleeps all night. Her brother...not so much!
 She "read" me a story before bed. And we always read The Jesus Storybook Bible too.

 Katie, Charis and Drew started swim lessons tonight! They did great.
 These are Katie's surrogate siblings. I thought she would be an only child, so she needed them!
She has a brother now, but they are still family.

I think good friends are such a treasure. They will always be apart of each others lives. 

Katie and Charis had the same Easter dress this year. Crazy. Courtney and I got them 2 months apart, at 2 different places. We didn't even know it! The colors are a little different, but other than that, identical.
They have the same shoes too!

We took the girls to Let's Pretend on Saturday!
Its' a fun dress up place for little girls. They got their hair, some make up and nails done. 

We also got cupcakes and strawberry tea! 
It was a fun afternoon. Before we know it, we will be shopping for prom dresses! 

I teach the senior girls Sunday School class at church, so I am reminded of what's to come, all the time.

I have been to 6 graduation parties in the last week. FUN!
They all have had amazing dessert tables, so Katie has totally enjoyed going with me!

And Jesse is still here too! He turned 2 months old last week and deserves his very own post!
He is the reason I can just blog about once a week. It's hard to type when you're holding a baby. And this baby is a big fan of being held!


Twinkle Terrior said...

The baby looks like his big sister !! So sweet........ OK - did you know there is a Krispy Kreme bread pudding???? OMGosh! I saw it on a blog yesterday from a local lady. At a restaurant in Buckhead (ATL GA). I have to get it for you.... My mouth was watering looking at her pictures. Google Krispy Kreme bread pudding. I think it was Dandalees in GA (the restaurant where she ordered it) oxox

Staci said...

Boy, you can tell your kids are related! They really do favor each other! I'll bet Katie had a great time at the dress up place. Olivia would love that, too, but she hates having her hair brushed. Those curls sure can tangle!