Katie and I met my sister and her kids at the mall last Friday. When we got there Katie told me she wanted to get her ears pierced! Marcus and I had discussed it in the past and we both agreed that she could do when it was her decision. 
SO, she decided!
I thought she would change her mind when it was time to sit in the chair. 

She still wanted to do it. I had a stomach ache. 
Only one girl was working there at the time, so she couldn't do both ears at once. 

After the first one, Katie said, "I think I just want one earring." 
Sorry kid, you have to do it again. 
I had to hold her head still, but she didn't cry at all! 
She was so brave!

I was so relieved when it was over. This is me saying in my high pitched it's going to be OK mommy voice, "You are so big! Let's go show your Annie and Nonni! Do you want a pretzel? Let's go get a pretzel!" 
Now I need to get a good shot of her with her earrings in! 
She loves them and she hasn't complained about them hurting at all. It's been easy peasy. Now when we see someone, Katie usually greets them with an ear first. Like HEY! Look at my earrings! 

Even though Marcus approved, he was a little sad. He thinks she's too grown up now. And he was a little sad that he wasn't there. I told him he could take her for her belly button piercing one day. 
He doesn't think I'm funny?!

And our baby Jesse is a big boy, because he wore shoes for the first time. So cute! 
 And he turned 11 weeks old last Thursday!
He is starting to smile and laugh a lot. 
It's so fun! 
I'll be honest, from age 1 month to 2 months wasn't much fun. He was gassy and could never be put down. And didn't really sleep much...unless he was being held! I still loved him tons, but now I feel like he might love me too!


Karen said...

Good job Katie! She is such a big girl!!
Little Jesse is sooo cute!
I love your blog and get excited when you update :) You've got a precious family!

Twinkle Terrior said...

The kids are so cute Mama Dina..and you look GREAT !! So slender with only an 11 week baby :) We are Italian on my mom's side but being from Miami - we have a lot of Latina in the family (Traditions of ear pierce after birth - before they leave the hospital) HOWEVER- my Dad is a GRINGO. He would not allow my Mom to get our ears pierced. When I was 8 yrs old (with all cousins with pierced ears) I begged my Dad. He FINALLY agreed. HOWEVER - I came home with ONE ear pierced b/c I got scared. The next day -we went back and pierced the other hear. I never lived it down! LOL Katie is BRAVE and a big girl now oxox