Red, White and Betty

Can you believe it will be July tomorrow? 
Time flies when you're having fun! 

I'm actually going to share another recipe with you!
That's twice in one month people. Someone take a picture of this big event.

I was looking at the Betty Crocker website one day trying to find a meatball recipe.
(I'm Italian, and it's a crying shame that I don't know how to make meatballs!)

When I was there I found these mini cheeseburger pies. 
You can see the recipe here

I made some and they were delicious. I wish I took a picture of mine, because Betty's picture has ketchup and mustard on them. And that makes me want to talk to Ralph on the big white phone. 
(do you remember that saying? If not, it means to barf. I know my mom was thinking Who is Ralph?!)
I am morally against almost all condiments. Blech! So pretend like these little burgers are nekkid.
They were so easy to make and I think they would be perfect 
for a 4th of July party. So I had to share! 

I'm a little behind on life right now. So all my 4th stuff didn't get put up yet. 
So here are some pics from last year...

Here's to a great July! 
May it be Fun, Festive, and void of condiments!



Brittany said...

I love condiments! I need to dip every bite. ;)

Courtney Osborne said...

I have never heard "talk to Ralph on the big white phone". That right there is why we are friends. Hilarious. I am sad to miss the 4th with you this year. Eat one of those for me.

Cheryl said...

Mustard....THE condiment....I must have...on everything...don't judge....it's delicious!!!!

Leslie said...

I don't know if you found a meatball recipe, but I use this one:

I don't add the milk (not on purpose, I forgot it the first time I made the meatballs, then decided it wasn't necessary). I also use a mixture of ground turkey and ground pork. These are so yummy, and it makes a bunch! I usually freeze the extras.

Staci said...

Have you gotten the new come bottles with your name on them? They misspelled my name which upsets me greatly.
I may have told you this before, but I agree 100% on condiments! I live a "condiment-free" lifestyle. I think they're grody. (Except for butter on corn tortillas at Mexican restaurants.)

donna said...

Ummm... helloooo... how bout calling your mama for a meatball recipe

Twinkle Terrior said...

We are large Italian-Cuban family ......we had a huge 4th of July party. So -of course - after the BBQ in the day time...there are trays of meatballs and Arroz Con Pollo in the evening LOL