Some Things You Need To Know About

My friend Melissa's son, Will Roth, is going to be on Rising Star tonight on ABC. You can download the app and help "raise the wall" for him! His Facebook page is here. 

Here are his cute parents. I know they are so proud!

And  you also need to know about this yummy soap from Bath and Body Works! 
I usually don't pick any scents with a flower on it, but this one's good. It also has a peach and pear scent in it. 

I liked the soap, but not the candle?

And you REALLY need to get some of this coconut fudge ice cream! I know not everyone can get Blue Bell and I'm sorry for that, but this is heavenly! 

That's all. 
I will be sure to share any other pearls of wisdom with you if I happen upon them!

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Nutty Mom said...

He raised the wall! Awesome!